Star Wars Battlefront Won't have Episode 7 DLC... Wtf?


I find this to be such a bummer…and another reason why not to ever buy DLC in advance.

Star Wars Battlefront Won’t have Episode 7 DLC


Why are people so shocked about this? The game is based on the original trilogy.

Would you have wanted Episode 1-3 content in the game?


Yes, I would expect all content to be in this game. Why is the new maps of Jakku in the game but not anything else from episode 7?


The Jakku map was thrown in there as a tie-in to the movie and likely to boost sales. That battle is supposed to have taken place somewhere around Return of the Jedi, I believe.

Edit - I admit I’m curious to know what other Imperial heroes can be added to Battlefront. I’m hoping for Grand Moff Tarkin.


If it meant beating down someone who rolled the Jar Jar hero? Damn straight I would.


You prove such a valid point… I would love to kill me some jar jar. People would pay for that. Lol.


When EA runs with this idea and creates micro-transactions, I wonder if I can get a cut of that action?