Star Wars - Rebels (Animated Series)



If you haven’t seen this amazing series, you are MISSING OUT!

Since the transition to Disney, this is now Canon material and tells a story beyond the movies. It expands the universe and fleshes out a few ideas that just can’t be covered in traditional long form format.

You can stream it here:


or buy dvds here:

These are super cheap prices, but sometimes they go on sale a LITTLE further. I would recommend that if you are on the fence, BUY!!


Just started watching this last night. Watched ALL of season 1.
It’s really good.

There are some characters that come from the first animated series (Star Wars The Clone Wars), so I’m going to watch that all before continuing. According to @Vocino that is only worth watching from ~Season 6 onwards.


I love the Rebels series. Season 3 is awesome. I don’t think you need to watch Clone Wars to enjoy it. It takes place in the Rogue One-ish time window (between episodes 3 and 4).


Apparently 15 years after Episode 3, and 5 years before Episode 4.

And you definitely don’t need to watch Clone Wars (animated series), you won’t be missing out on plot points… But you won’t know who characters like Ahsoka are when they show up. Not that you need to, but I find it more interesting when you know who they are from a previous show.


That’s a good point. Also there are some famous clones like Rex.


I started watching this show when my son was an infant and wasn’t really watching. But now that he’s seen all the movies, we’ll have to go back and watch the show.


apparently, this is all of the current canon in order, that’s a surprising amount of stuff to be included
Edit: actually… maybe not, I don’t freakin know


This might be helpful: