Star Wars Weekend Marathon Stream - This Friday, Saturday, & Sunday



What’s this? @Vocino is actually going to stream something? And he’s actually making a post about it beforehand so people might actually show up?!

It’s true, friends!

This weekend I’ll be hosting a marathon Star Wars event on my /Vocino channel on Twitch.

  • Stream URL:
  • Date & Time: 48 Hours with pre-game on Friday the 20th, then the weekend Saturday the 21st and Sunday 22nd (with breaks!)

Star Wars Chat

Throughout the stream I’ll be chatting Star Wars and we can talk The Force Awakens and the new Han Solo movie. This will be hosted on Mumble. Feel free to drop in and say hello.

Please, please, if you’re around, jump in Twitch chat to help that live viewer count. :wink:

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Vote on Games

What should I play during the stream? I have a lot of time to kill, I own every Star Wars game ever, and I want to get them installed and ready before starting. Note, I’m not adding the LEGO Star Wars games since I won’t have anyone to co-op on them with and they’re really much more enjoyable like that.

You can select up to 3 of your favorites.

  • Battlefront (2015)
  • Super Star Wars (1992)
  • The Old Republic (MMORPG)
  • Racer Revenge
  • Pinball
  • Empire at War Gold
  • Knights of the Old Republic
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
  • The Force Unleashed II
  • The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition
  • Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
  • Jedi Knight: Dark Forces
  • Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
  • Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
  • Republic Commando
  • Starfighter
  • The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

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I will be on the PS4 Battlefront (2015) if you want a buddy to play with. Should be evening on Saturday and then semi-randomly on Sunday.


Absolutely, let’s do it! I’m going to have an open PS4 Party up called Star Wars Weekend.


Wheres Battlefront II? In my opinion that was the best one in the battlefront series :open_mouth:

Anyway i will stop by sometime this weekend!:slight_smile:


It’s really difficult to get Battlefront II games last I tried. Maybe with the new release there’s been a resurgence.


What about Tie Fighter? I guess it’s to old but it’s my all time favorite star wars game. The countless hours i spend destroying the rebels for the glory of the emporer. :smile:


Agree, amazing game. I have to find it or emulate it though.


I think you can get battlefront II on steam if im not mistaken?


Yes but there are no more official servers. You have to find a game via the server browser and last I checked it was difficult. Very few people playing let alone on servers with good ping and numbers.


You can find Tie Fighter on steam or gog.


Yea sadly thats the case, I mean you still got campaign atleast. Such a great game but EA pulled the plug…


Decided to go ahead and switch the stream to my /Vocino channel so as not to completely screw with the bot and whatnot on the StratsCo channel.


No Shadows of the Empire?


I’m not really set up for Nintendo 64 emulation but if I can get it all set up by Friday, we’ll do it.


In other news, I now have $300 worth of PlayStation gift cards to give out! Also, I’ve decided I’m dedicating my channel to streaming Star Wars games. It’s done.


I needs me some gift cards, I’m there. I’ll watch your stream while playing fallout


Looking forward to Star Wars this weekend! Going to see Hunger Games with the wife tonight. If the stars align I’ll see you afterwards!


But you have to join me in battle @ohnokenzilla, partner!

I plan on starting at around 4:00 PST. I reached the first follower goal already so I’m going to give away a card as soon as I start.


Everyone that has been stopping by the stream and/or jumping in games with me has been awesome! So appreciated, thanks. Keeping it going today and tomorrow!