Starting a Let's Play Dragon Age series (1080p60)

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Let’s Play style video series. Dragon Age: Inquisition brought me back to Let’s Plays. The gameplay looked so nice I had to get in and check out.

I thought it would make a great come-back Let’s Play to get the ball rolling again. So here we are.

I’m still a bit rusty so please bear with me as I transition back. My plan is to post at the very least 1 video per day on my channel from now on. That’s a tall order but I think we can manage if I schedule. These Let’s Play style videos will be released on Thursdays.

Thanks for watching!


Started following you, looking forward to your experience, just started nightmare mode, it’s a completely different beast

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I should have gone with that.

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Haha I wouldn’t for my first run through, hard maybe, but not nightmare, what’re your thoughts on the game so far?

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So a few tips, hit L3 alot as you run around it pings when there’s loot around so that you don’t have to search the ground cuz you won’t always see it, and especially things to read on tables. Also you can put points where you want for everyone in your party so you’re gonna have to research what kind of mage you want Solas and etc. If you go one way and then decide to change there’s an item later on to reset your skillpoints. Last thing, when your fighting the rifts most of them will have 2 waves of enemies if you hit x during a wave you only disrupt the rift, it stuns the people and does damage, it doesn’t close it. There’s a rift health bar in the top right, when it’s just a sliver that’s when you get to close it for good.