State of Strats, October 2014 Edition (& AMA)

Hello Strategists,

What’s up guys? It’s been far too long since I’ve written something out to address everyone collectively. I know this is kind of a long topic but I would appreciate it if you all gave it a read and kept it bumped for a while. I’m open to feedback and I’d like to also treat this as a sort of AMA. If you have questions about the direction of Strats, the infrastructure, the planning, the drama, or what I had for lunch today, post it up!

Shoutouts & Callouts

Everyone that signs into this web site or participates in any of the things we do here at Strats should give a big “thank you” to the team of volunteers that makes shit happen on a regular basis here. That’s @tommy2118, @Auth, @GuardianX, and @Majordomo.

I don’t think people understand that these guys take time out of their day and time out of their gaming to help this community. They do it without pay and without a lot of fanfare. They do it because they believe that things start small and they build into opportunities with hard work. They also do it because it’s rewarding to know that you’ve helped people do something better—in this case play video games with cool people.

Some numbers

Auth is crushing it on leading Growth. At the time of this post, we’re sitting at 937 members. This is awesome as every sign up is a potential contributing member even if they’re not contributing right at this moment. History has shown that people have signed up and done nothing and then months later when a game comes out, they jump back in and become a content leader here.

Let’s talk Engagement though. To really get a sense of the health of membership, we have to look at activity. On a sliding 30 day time period, we have about 77 really active members and about 212 decently active members. This is based on various engagement metrics which I won’t bore you with.

The bottom line though, is that membership is up and everything is up—even the percentage of highly engaged members is on the up. As we introduce more services on the side of things, like article content (which I’ll touch on later), I believe we will see a significant uptick in engagement.

An elephant in the strat

Story time. There was a time when we were first figuring out how this whole thing was going to work with the community. Specifically, the guild/clan process. At first, we thought that the best way to keep a handle on clans was to always have one of the elders of the community manage it. This became untenable as the community grew and people we interested in playing more games at any one time.

Our current policy is pretty open. Anyone can feel free to step up and start a guild/clan and represent Strats in that game. This works well for a couple reasons. First, it gives people an opportunity to have ownership over an important aspect of the community. Guilds are our arms out there and they bring new people in. Second, it frees up time for those of us focused on Strats the community that would otherwise be occupied by day-to-day clan stuff.

However, these position come with a lot of responsibility and we take them very seriously. When members decide they want to play a game with Strats members they should expect to be participating in a drama and toxic free environment. That external experience has to maintain the same decorum as we hold members to here on this forum or on Mumble. How can we make this happen? Let’s all work on figuring out a solution to this issue together.

Gone but not forgotten

We all know that occasionally people move on from communities, games, and sites for various reasons. Sometimes they post goodbye threads and sometimes they just don’t check back for a while. To my knowledge, no one has ever deleted their account. The open rate of the digest emails that get sent to dormant members is 99.98%. People still care about what we’re doing, even if they’re not directly involved at present.

It’s important to remember that the internet is very fluid and people move in and out. Gaming is especially fickle and when new games come out, people return.

I’d like to see all of us taking those moments when someone steps down from a leadership role to recognize it as an opportunity where you can make a difference. You can be the one that jumps in and says “I can do that and do it even better.” This community was built on that. We started this by saying exactly that, “we can do this better.”

When that new serge of members come in and the pool of strategists’ accounts that we’ve built come flooding back for a new game, will you be the one that has been here posting great content and established as a thought leader here? There are so many cool and smart people here that can step up to these roles and I’m really excited to see that take shape.

Back to the future

In the last few months I’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of gaming-related startups. I keep tabs on the tech startup world and I still feel like I have a handle on what’s out there in this space. However, it’s said that if you have a great idea there are at least 3 other people working on it right now. So get your shit together.

That’s what we need to do. We need to accelerate the development of a publishing platform for where members can own their personal gaming brand and post gaming content, stream video, and engage with others. I’ve been extremely busy the last month or so with real life and probably frustrating the shit out of my co-founder @therubymug. We’re getting on this. It needs to happen now, before it’s too late.

Be the person you’d want to group with

Finally, let’s all remember that we’re here because we don’t want to group with random people with no standards in communication. We want to have an experience in gaming that isn’t filled with cringing at hate-speech over voice-comms. Don’t be that guy or girl. You will be banned and publicly tarred and feathered.

We are just getting started. This is still the ground floor. Every single person here has an opportunity to drive the early stages of this project and shape how we evolve. You can be that member that everyone looks to for knowledge about strategy. You can be the guy that writes amazing tutorials. You can be the girl that sets up epic in-game events. As we grow, your role as a content leader will earn you respect to an increasingly wider audience and you will have an opportunity to leverage that brand power into whatever you make of it.

Thanks for all the killer gaming experiences so far and cheers to the new ones coming up!

Kind regards,



I would like to start the AMA with, do you think we are gonna reach 1K this weekend?:grin:

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Probably not. I won’t be around much this weekend and I need to get the mobile CSS for working before I can really start marketing it.


So super excited, we should touch it sooner rather than later… I feel like it wants to be touched… or stroked.


I really enjoyed this post. I personally feel our Archeage community can help boom; given Trion gets their stuff together.


Hello @Xephorax, I agree. You guys are crushing it on ArcheAge.

Yep we have been spreading the gospel of strats in AA! Special thanks to everyone who is helping us handle the day to day stuff. My question would be, where do you see strats 2 years from now?

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