State of the Guild Address: Albion



#State of the Guild Address

Hello members of Strats, I am making this post to alleviate any questions or concerns you might have as to what our direction is towards the remainder of the beta and into launch might be. As always, this information can always and possibly will change over the course of the games life and we reserve the right to do so at a moment’s notice. Because of the recent major changes to the game, we are performing a slight overhaul to how the guild is going to function. Hopefully this will relieve pressure off some that have multiple duties and bring forward new faces that we think have stepped up in the community to be great assets to our guild.


The GVG side of Strats is doing incredible work, we have pushed into multiple new territories thanks to the leadership from @Fro and his other leaders. I will not spend as much time on this topic as all of your information can be found here: GvG's and how to get Involved if you are wanting to get into GVG. But to throw down who’s in control, here’s how things stand:

GVG Leader and Warmaster: @Fro
GVG Officers: @Selwonk, @Klutch and @beabington

I have put all my faith into these 4 friends and trust them with any decision they make for the guild.


This is where a lot of our changes will come and hopefully it will be met with heavy praise and much rejoice. We are going to try and perform a complete overhaul to our current system in place, if you can call it that. What I would like to start is are crafting/ gathering teams. These teams would consist of 1-2 officers and the remainder of the players would answer/ work under those assigned players. Right now enrollment is open for all positions but there are requirements that will be set ahead of time for that officer before being accepted into their position. There will be 5 new officer positions opening up within the next week to suit the 5 sections of professions. Officer of the Hunters Lodge, Warriors Forge, Mage Tower, Toolmaker and Earth Thief (gatherers). These players will be in charge of what is needed for progression and how they will obtain what needs to be had. If something is needed to be power leveled up for a guild cause (GVG, FotM Builds, etc.) it will be funded at the crafting officer’s discretion. If you would like to apply to be a Crafting/ Gathering officer, please reply to this thread. Once all applicants have been entered, a guild meeting will be held to announce new positions within the community, chosen by the community.

#Goals and responsibilities of the Crafting Officer are as followed:

  • Maintain daily communication with @Fro on what the GvG teams are going to need for their fights.
  • Keep members up to date on what’s needed for guild/ player progression. I would like to try and have crafters at least 1 tier ahead of what our fighters can wear at all times, up until T8. I understand you cannot always maintain this progression with 100% of our players, but with the vast majority, I see no issue with this.
  • Maintaining a minimum of 4 excess sets of gear for current GvG team sets and the chests they go in (5.2 warbow, 5.3 light plate chest/helm/boot, t6 cape, etc.)
  • Stay up to date with current spread sheets on any major progression changes here:
    #Goals and responsibilities of the Gathering Officer are as followed:
  • Maintain a healthy supply of resources in the territory chests so that our crafters can smoothly progress up the ranks.
  • Make sure that there is always only 1 main person supplied the highest resources first. After they that rank is no longer needed, it can be passed down to the next player. Example: Valkyr is named the main wood refiner, he is fed all T7 wood until T8 is locked. Once that has been obtained, all other T7 wood is fed to Selwonk and Rakka to refine to have more people up there.
  • Stay up to date with current spread sheets on any major progression changes here:
  • When in territory, always refine the raw resources that you are assigned to and place them in the correct chests.
    #Miscellaneous requirements of the guild
  • Each member of the guild will be required to have a minimum of 2 farms to feed the territories we have claimed/ built on.
  • Mandatory use of mumble while online
  • Acceptance that everyone is needed to work as a team, to be the most successful. If you are asked to supply resources/ materials, you will supply those in need.

Once again, these are all subject to change, but until then take what is posted here as law. If you do, I think our progression and guild happiness as a whole will skyrocket. I thank everyone that has put the time and dedication that everyone has put in thus far to make us what we are, and what we will grow to be.


I, Darknesse, would like to apply for a position as a mage tower officer.

Although seemingly ive been seen running and attempting to organize PvP with the guys who came from the guild we originally came from, GvG organisation might be best left to someone else, even if it means i still call shots or whatever.

I believe im more suited to organizing in and out stock through crafting. When live hits, ill likely be running multiple accounts at once to keep my own gear organized, and its not that much more effort to organize the rest as it comes. I plan to organize land plots and building (mostly personally) as well, in areas suited to refining and processing goods. This is generally more efficient cost-wise than carting to a guild territory at lower tiers due to travel costs. I know the demands of daily GvG. Im very handy with spreadsheets and will make one that calculates recourse costs in a quick, easy manner, based on what i once used with eve online. I would be happy to provide similar to the other officers for ease of use. As for specifically the mage tower, i was planning on making sure im able to make at least a full set ideal for my own gear when live hits, through multiple accounts. Mage gear has always also been of interest to me.

I keep a very steady online presence, due to the fact that i really dont have a life. Even with one, my condition will only be slowed a little. I have some experience organizing as such in my last guild, since leadership was already failing and i took it to myself to keep the crafting side going, up until the time when i left.