State of the Guild - ArcheAge Edition 10 Nov 2014

There has been some interesting developments in the Strats ArcheAge Guild as of late. Based upon some posts from ArcheAge guild members voicing concerns, Strats leadership has dug into the situation to try and mitigate concerns and put the guild back on sound footing.

After boiling down the apprehensions depicted on the forums and through conversations with members on mumble, we have ascertained that these are the chief complaints:

  • The focus of the guild is uncertain (pirate, privateer, merchant, etc)
  • Without a guild focus there is no clear recruiting message
  • The planning of guild events has fallen off as of late
  • There seems to be little diversity in guild events
  • Guild communications tools within the ArcheAge game are not sufficient
  • Membership is dwindling with the inability to effectively recruit

So where do we go from here?

The short answer is that there has been some major turnover within guild leadership and as with any change there are always hiccups during the transition. This has been compounded by the fact that the newly appointed Guild Leader has had to deal with an extra dose of real life and has not been able to really get a grasp on things until now.

Here is the plan:

  1. We have added a Guild Focus Poll to the forums. Please take a moment to share your views as it applies to the focus of the guild.

  2. @Auth (Recruiting Guru) has been enlisted to streamline and assist with setting up the Guild recruiting machine once a guild focus is defined.

  3. The will be some additional administrative threads added to the ArcheAge category of the forums to help with the overall management and planning of guild events.

  1. We will campaign for current guild members to utilize the forums on a more regular basis. This will overcome the lack of functionality of the integrated guild tools in ArcheAge and increase communication overall.

  2. I am confident that after the ArcheAge category is cleaned up and the guild focus is defined recruiting will fall into place. (with @Auth ‘s assistance) :smirk:

The Starts leadership team is committed to ensuring each and every member has the best experience possible. We will continue to work with the guild leadership to improve and refine. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. See ya in game! :smirk: