State of the Guild



Right then, what’s everyone been up to? It’s been really quiet lately in-game, on the forums, and in Mumble. I’m doing what I can to keep this guild afloat by recruiting through as many sources as I can, but I’m not able to be on 24/7 and I need some help. I got a message from Valdra today that we’ve had several people in Mumble the last couple days asking questions about the community and wondering what we’re all up to. I can’t be the only one responsible for doing all the inviting (people are posting on the forums), and having an empty Mumble and a shabby “Online Status” in the guild menu doesn’t help. We, as a guild, are on the precipice of collapse.

I can dig it if people have other stuff going on or are taking a break, but why aren’t we communicating about it with one another? At the very least, it’d be helpful if y’all at least logged in every day you can, even if you don’t really do anything or aren’t on but for a few minutes, so that the “Last Online” field in the guild menu presents the appearance that the leadership cares and is invested in the community. If we’re not on playing, how can we expect the rest of the guild to keep playing? We need to be leading from the front as best as we can and that requires that we play.

If you’re just taking a break, post something in the AFK or WildStar category to let the guild know. If you’re not so sure you’re going to stick with WildStar then we need to start talking about what that means in terms of your officership in WildStar. It’s not a negative thing to move on. We’re a gaming community and there’re several games coming out shortly that I know people are interested in playing. I don’t think anyone will hold it against you if you’re considering setting WildStar down, but we need to know. I need to know. I’m not prepared to let WildStar go yet, and I need more people who are on board with me.

It does our community more harm than good when I put our name out there only to have a poor showing in a title we claim to be playing. Some people have joined up and left in a matter of days over the last couple weeks. I’ve been recruiting like a madman trying to obtain/maintain enough people to do 20-man raids, but I’m only one link in a leadership chain that doesn’t appear overly strong or invested from an outside vantage at this point. I’m about to be headed back to school and work, meaning I’m going to have a hard time maintaining my current effort output without suffering in some other aspect of my life, which I cannot let happen. I need assistance.

This isn’t a blame-game or a public shaming of anyone and I’m damn sure not trying to stir up drama. If the shoe fits, wear it. I know some of you (hopefully all of you) still care about this guild, but actions always speak louder than words.

TL;DR: I need help, or I need people who want to help; take some time and figure out where you stand, please.



I am still dealing with lingering health issues and havent been on as much as i should and im sorry. I also have had a hard time getting motivated to even log in…im not a pvp guy…i really hate dailies…i know that those are what awaits the end game player…getting attuned for raiding has become more of an issue than originally thought as well…that shit is hard man…but i do agree with you auth …you shouldnt be doing so much alone.


I think we are in a bad time period right now. With drool having issues and me with extra workload. I know I told you on mumble but I ll be stepping down as officer because I don’t have the time for a hardcore raiding schedule. As I see it we should sit down those who are officers or generally involved and come up with a gameplan. A healthy or dwindling guild reflects in the community as a whole. I wish I had more time to be online but I have tremendous responsibilities right now and until my schedule changes I am unable to contribute in game.


I can be in mumble more. Between work and a new puppy I’ve not put enough time to Wildstar or mumble. And i’ll be moving in a month and a half so that might get me off for a week as well. BUT IM HERE!!!


Have you confirmed you have internet available where you’re moving? :smiley:


Haha, yes. The apt was built in the 90’s and surrounded by people who have internet. I am 100% positive I’ll have net. Quote me in one month lol.


you never know when the anti-internet may strike…i ve heard stories