State of the Server (1 Mar)



Welcome to this week’s State of the Server: your digest of all things Minecraft in Strats. This last week saw a nice influx of new users, a steady progress in Stratsopolis, and a great turnout for our weekly event, so let’s dive in :wink:

#Warm welcomes
Following the accidental implosion of all our land claims, we made the decision to shutdown whitelisting new members to the server until everyone had a chance to secure their territory and stuff; that time has come and past! On Friday we opened the gates again and already we’re growing :wink:

Welcome to our newest members: a51hq, CarlLWaddell, SlickHF, and Kemptra :wink:

#Stratsopolis progress report
Builds are finally starting to really take shape out in Stratsopolis; some of those planned builds are beginning to come to realization. If you haven’t scouted around for a spot to build, now’s as good a time as any, simply /visit the Strats Region. Pictured above are Dynamible and Biggles7268 with their builds “Flamin’ Nom HQ” and “Mountain Castle,” respectively.

If designing isn’t your thing but there’s a project that speaks to you in some way, toss a comment in the build thread and see if you can help out; all build owners have permission to adjust the permissions on their plots around Stratsopolis and many (I suspect) wouldn’t mind some extra hands on deck.

#Weekly event wrap-up and foreshadow
:fire: Lava Wall :fire: had a great turnout yesterday, with The Emerald Eviceraters falling again this week to The Diamond Devestators. The battle was hard-fought and streamed by about half the people playing. Join us this week for our next competition, The Shoving Maze (thread coming later this week ;)).

#Pineapple Region
This week’s achievement nod goes to mlaw1123 and the rest of the residents out in the Pineapple Region who have done some truly impressive work designing a whole small community out there. If you’ve not taken the time to check it out, I highly recommend you /visit Pineapple and see it for yourself; I, for one, can’t wait to see what they do once they wrap this area and start on their city builds :wink:

So there you have it: all the glory that’s been wrought on our server this week. If you have any friends who play or you yourself play but haven’t join the server, get to it; we have plenty of space yet to spare. I hope to see y’all in game :wink:

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Wow. This is freaking amazing. And all I built was a small lodge and farm near all the free stuff. Good job everyone ._.


our pineapple region work has paid off!


Seriously, you lot did a bitchin’ job :wink:


Hello o/

This is sweet knowing what going on allot of servers don’t bother. :smile:


Welcome to Strats :wink:


How I feel while standing on the top of my castle.