State of the Server (15 Feb)

Hey everyone and welcome to your first weekly digest about all things Minecraft! Here’s what’s been going down lately and what you have to look forward to this week:

#Stratsopolis is open!
A longer post is up to fully-explain how things are going to work there, but the short version is you’re free to visit the new Strats Region and start thinking about what you want to build where.

A reminder: do not start mining in the area or terraforming until your location and project are approved

#Excellence in Redstone
The mining location for Stratsopolis was opened up to the mining team (led by @Droul) so they could begin the initial resource gathering to support everyone’s builds. To speed up the process of getting materials to the builders, @tommy2118 built the first leg of a massive, fully-automated sorting system down by the Region Beacon. The mining team need only deposit their goods in a chest near their work site and the system does the rest, loading up a minecart, sending it down to the system where all the resources are removed and sorted, then sending it back out for another pickup when it’s been emptied.

I highly-recommend everyone goes and takes a look at this work of (technical) art; brilliant job, tommy2118 :wink:

#Weekly Events are live!
Based on community voting, we will be having a weekly event on Saturday evening beginning at 9pm EST and running for 30-90 minutes (the time frame will be flexible, based on the event and participation each week). In order to prepare for this, the regular server may come down at 8:30pm EST to accommodate a map and/or settings change. Everything will be backed up and notifications will go out to remind everyone before this happens.

There will be a more detailed thread posted shortly to talk about this week’s event: Extreme Dodgeball!

#New OPs
Congratulations to @tommy2118 and @PreshusKitty for their promotion to server OPs. I’ve already met with them and worked through the particulars of their new abilities and responsibilities; they are ready, able, and willing to help. If something comes up and I’m not around, please feel free to ask them for assistance. If the situation requires server administration or is completely outlandish, both of them know how to get in touch with me 24/7 and have my permission to do so.

That about does it for this week’s digest. There’s been some awesome participation on the server and I’m truly excited to see how we’ve rebuilt and grown since the restart. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s ideas and builds as we get Stratsopolis off the ground and can’t wait for our first event this weekend.

Auth (Ninja_Ducky)


Move to rename “Strats City” to “Stratsopolis”.