State of the Server (15 Mar)



Welcome to this week’s State of the Server: your digest of all things Minecraft in Strats. We’ve got some new peeps to welcome, the latest progress in Stratsopolis, and an unexpected weekly accomplishment nod I think will surprise a few of you :wink:

#Warm welcomes
For the first week we’ve had a lack of recruits from within the community, but we’re still seeing a healthy, steady growth on the server (at time of writing, we’ve got 8 people running around, crafting their mines); please join me in welcoming the latest joins to Strats and our server: catfish_23 and LaneMb99 :wink:

#Stratsopolis progress report
This week we had two new build projects get underway as well as see continued progress on one of the first builds started in Stratsopolis. If you haven’t taken the time to scout around and locate the build site of your dreams, now’s as good a time as ever! Our miner is back on the job (he filled a massive special request last night) and the cobble is piling up something fierce; swing by the Stripmine Region once you’re ready to get that Stratsopolis build off the ground. Above are a couple of progress shots: “Flamin’ Nom Bridge” and “Flamin’ Nom HQ” by Dynamible and his team followed by the very (very) beginning of “Strats Spleef Arena,” a future event and subsequent addition to the main server.

If you’d like to build something for the server in the city either to benefit others or just show how much of a badass you are, toss a build thread up and we’ll get it linked in the Stratsopolis Megathread. Perhaps you’re not the most creative individual but still love building and see a project you’d like to be a part of? Drop a message in the appropriate build thread; the owners of each project have permissions to add new members to their team and land claim :wink:

#Weekly event wrap-up and announcement
Following a community vote for this week’s event, and after being slighted for three weeks, The Emerald Eviceraters brought home their first victory last night during :fire: Lava Wall :fire:! Despite falling behind early (losing 2 of their 3 VIP’s before taking a single one from The Diamond Devestators) the small team comprised of Freshie44 and Ninja_Ducky held strong and brought home the ‘W’ in the end. We had a small hiccup with the command blocks for the first couple of minutes, but after that things went well and the corrections have already been made in case this map ever comes back out in the future.

This week, we’ll --either-- be playing :bamboo:The Walls :bamboo: --or having our first server-wide Spleef Tournament (depends on which I have time to finish this week ;)).–

#A lone tower
A familiar face with a sporadic schedule, this week’s achievement nod goes to NetflixAddict16 (for obvious reasons). I stumbled upon this wonderful tower while “haxing” around to see what everyone was up to one day (inb4: ops are OP ;)). That region post is still a Wilderness Region, so I’m not going to disclose the location (but I’m more than happy to name it for you if you’d like some admirers, NetflixAddict16). The tower has a nice asymmetrical design and a purple roof! Come on, that’s pretty awesome. A giant spiral staircase runs from top to bottom, surrounding that faint purple glow you can see shooting up into the sky. That’s right, Strategists, what you’re looking at is a beacon, meaning we’re probably in the presence of the server-first Wither kill! Mad props, NetflixAddict16; I hope you bring your awesome creativity and building prowess to bear on the city when you’re properly settled :wink:

There you have it, the latest and greatest directly from the internet to…you know…a different bit of the internet. If any of you have friends who’d be interested in joining us (or you yourself play but haven’t toss your name in the whitelist), get to it! We’re still ready and able to take on more members; the more the merrier; I’ll see y’all in game :wink:

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First wither kill!?


Was such a close match was alot of fun