State of the Server (22 Feb)



Welcome to this week’s State of the Server: your digest of all things Minecraft in Strats. It’s been a bit manic the last several days, so let’s jump right into it :wink:

#@Auth is a n00b -_-
Well, that’s not entirely accurate, but there was a bit of an incident that occurred while I was testing and prepping for the weekly event on Thursday night: all of the land claims were deleted. I pinned a thread explaining how individuals could correct their own situation.

The reason we had an issue was a combination of insufficient redundancies in our plugin backups and an awkwardly-coded plugin. Basically, when I loaded the backup in (which I mistakenly cut-paste rather than copy-paste) the plugin decided it wanted to eat the folder (and all the data along with it). Thankfully this was a pretty minor situation; I’ve taken steps to prevent this from ever happening again. Again, my apologies for the inconvenience.

#Stratsopolis construction is underway!
The Stratsopolis megathread has seen a lot of action as people are nearing completion on their personal builds and beginning to plan their builds for the city. If you haven’t checked the area out for a location you want to build at there’s no time like the present, simply /visit the Strats Region and scout around :wink:

If you need help formatting your build thread, planning your awesomeness, or just want some extra assistance with the actual build don’t be afraid to ask; we’ve got a lot of helpful and strong builders in this community and I can’t wait to see what kind of progress will be made this week!

#Weekly event wrap-up and foreshadow
Last night’s event had a modest turnout with The Diamond Devastators edging out The Emerald Evisceraters 2 to 1 in Extreme Dodgeball. We had a couple small hiccups (not surprising in the wake of the server shenanigans) but overall I think the event was a success. Join us this week for an all-new kind of competition: :fire:Lava Wall:fire: :wink:

#Surplus of Supplies
This week’s achievement nod goes to @Droul of Droul Inc Mining Services for his tireless efforts to (basically) level a mountain (he and his team have removed 30 layers so far :astonished: ), providing an abundance of raw materials for builds of all type in Stratsopolis. Nearly every type of block you could want is available at the Stripmine Region (and for the rarer/obscure ones they take special orders); don’t let a concern over lack of materials be your reason for delaying an awesome build in the city.

That’s what’s been happening this week in Minecraft. As a reminder: additional whitelisting is currently suspended in the wake of our server plugin disaster, but will reopen sometime this week; if you’ve added your name to the list, keep an eye out for that like from me to let you know you’re good-to-go. I’ll see you all in game :wink:

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Emerald will have our revenge. Oh yes we will. Just you wait. -_-


I won’t be holding my breath on that…