State of the Server (8 Mar)



Welcome to State of the Server: your digest of all things Minecraft in Strats. This week we’ve got a few new faces, continued progress on Stratsopolis, and a whole new way to determine this week’s event; let’s do this thing :wink:

#Warm welcomes
Per usual, there are a few familiar faces from Strats mixed with fresh community members fresh on the whitelist this week; please help me to welcome the newest members of the server and help them feel at home: Dravenheart, XSilverarrow, Zowsky, and s0ulfi3nd :wink:

#Stratsopolis progress report
While the week was crazy-busy for myself and others, we still saw some nice progress on some of the builds begun out in Stratsopolis. If you’ve not poked around the Strats Region for an area to build, there’s no time like the present! Despite our beloved miner being out of the net for a bit, there are still plenty of stored up resources at the Stripmine Region for you Stratsopolis builds. Pictured above are progress shots from today of “Mountain Castle” by Biggles7268 and “Flaimin’ Nom HQ” by Dynamible, respectively.

If you’re inspired to help us build the city but creative design isn’t your forte, check out all the build projects linked from the Stratsopolis Megathread; the owners of those builds could surely use some extra hands bringing their dreams to reality and have permission to make adjustments to their respective land claims :wink:

#Weekly event wrap-up and announcement
:fist: The Shoving Maze :fist: was a bit of a hot mess this week, admittedly. The difficulty of navigating the maze was a hiccup harder than was practical with the modest turnout we had and once some indicators were added to make it easier it became too easy. Neither team really won, but shout-outs are more-than-do for _modz and Freshie44 who almost-single-handedly carried their respective teams the entire match; props, gents.

This week (and every 4th week henceforth) I’ll be posting a poll of some of our previous events for y’all to vote on; the winning event will make its triumphant return on Saturday along with any feedback-driven iterations I have time to make to improve the experience. This will simultaneously give me a week off of working on them (or a week to work ahead and experiment/learn some additional functionality) and afford the community the opportunity to replay past events they really enjoyed or missed. Given the broken nature of :fist: The Shoving Maze :fist: and my schedule this week, I will be omitting it from the poll.

#The silent crafter
A regular of the server and events (but not Mumble ;)), this week’s achievement nod goes to primantine for the strides he’s made at his homestead in Titan Region! Complete with a barn, a glass-bottom-river, a village across the river with actual villagers in it, and a massive mining network, this is clearly a labor of love. Well done, sir; I don’t think I’m alone when I say I can’t wait to see your construction efforts applied to the Strats Public Library :wink:

Another week of looking back, another week to look forward to; you lot make this server a joy to play on. If any of you have friends who are interested in joining, invite them over; if you’re already a member of Strats and play, toss your name on the whitelist and get in on this. I’ll catch y’all in game :wink:

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Catfish_23 introduction to strats


Aww, thanks for the kind words and recognition :blush: I will try my best to live up to the awesome building standards I’ve seen throughout this server. You guys are true master builders and I hope to be as good as you eventually :wink:


Awww… Thanks! :slight_smile: I’ve yet to make my appearance on the server, but I plan to do so soon. :slight_smile:

Nice to read up on whats happening on the server. :slight_smile: