Steam Account (Shame) Calculator



Like many PC gamers, I’ve bought a ton of Steam games over the years, several of which I’ve never played. Thankfully for us, however, there’s an interesting website that will tell you all the statistics you (don’t) want to know about your Steam account.

Post your shame!

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Welp, this hurt a bit…


Somewhat Inaccurate. 80% of my stuff was bought via humble bundle, and much those were less than 25 a pop for 10 or so games.


Well it cant calculate that, it only bases it off steam data after all :wink:


Dude please, mine is making me a little sick at the moment…


You’re scrub status man… Many of us are much more shameful.

@GuardianX will love my “Games not played” %.

Those savings though! Not sure how they get the “average price per hour” stat since I’ve spent $757 and have 1,384h on record.


he has 3200 hrs on record, that’s more than both of ours combined! Half of me likes seeing this and the other half feels I need to rethink my life…


Nice find, @auth

Here is my account


Ahh. Missed that. I was looking more at how much money I’ve spent on games that I don’t play.



Holy shit sennish, 2000 hours in DOTA2? Why are you not a paid professional?

to Add mine.

Also, what site do you all use for random game player advice?


I told you guys I liked dota. :slight_smile:


Crazy how close our stats are value and number of games:


The scary part is this: they didn’t start tracking time played stats until March 2009, so there’s a solid 4 years of single-soldier barracks life (plus another year married) that aren’t accounted for on my time played :wink:


If only Steam had HotS. That would stack up so many hours of playtime in the future.


Mine really isn’t that bad. I just started using Steam and my PC more though.


For all you complainers out there keep in mind I didn’t have steam till @Auth and I were married so you can technically combine our steam account prices to see how much we REALLY spend on games xD


yea, I’m pretty sure I feel even worse now that I know I’ve spent almost as much as both of you combined, I’m not spending another dime on stea… ooo, Firewatch and the Solus Project coming in Feb!!!