Steam Achievements and Level, do you care?


I’m a total trophy hunter on PS4, which is Sony’s way of handing out achivemtents. Since I became obessed with them I have started to actually complete games to 100%. I’m just curious if any of the PC gamers here are the same way but with the achievements on steam. Have any of you ever bought a game and cared enough to look at all the achievements and then get them all? What about your level on steam? Do these things ever matter to you? I look at it as kind of a way to brag about how dedicated you are and also look at it as a way to say thank you (in some odd way) to a developer of a good game. I’m just curious to see if anyone else cares as much about achievements as I do. This wasn’t always the case for me, this has been more recent for me.


I generally score higher in Socializer/Explorer. Achiever is my lowest.


No. for me pc gaming is usually a one and done experience. I think sinc my pc is not in front od the couch its harder to make the time to hunt trophies/achievements; though i did do it for The Division.


I sometimes make for certain achievements, but I’m generally not a completionist. Also, Steam levels are dumb as hell. I’ve accidentally finished a few badges that netted me XP towards it, but I generally couldn’t care less. All about that regdate, amirite? :wink:

Also, I just took a Bartle test for funsies (grabbed a random one on Google). It ranked my Social as the lowest; I call bullshit on that particular implementation of the test principles (though it got the other categories reasonably in order, I think).


The Bartle test has some flaws, mainly because there are only 2 choices for each question. So you’re choosing either killer or socializer, for example. If you spend a little time considering the questions then you should be able to discern which answer will net you which classification.

I feel like there needs to be questions each with 4 choices.


I’ve only recently gotten into PlayStation achievements. What it really comes down to is where and how they’re publicized within their systems. If no one ever sees my achievements I’m much less motivated to work for them.

#7 is what motivates me to grab them. Idk why but I love the whole trophy system. Something about having different tiers of achievements makes it worth while for me. The xbox achievement system does nothing for me. It’s just a number.

I’ve posted it before, but I also love how you can use the trophy cards to strut your shit across the internet :slight_smile:

If I found something like this for steam I might play more PC games too haha.


I think I saw this on the steam friends reddit, but some dude was literally on there requesting for friends and he said he wouldn’t accept them as a steam friend if their level was below 55 :joy:


Sony is also doing a lot with profiles now. I think they’re pushing new updates soon. I’ve seen them hiring people from other platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc). Makes me think they’re trying to establish some kind of robust profile platform that will hopefully incorporate trophies more.


They have already updated our psn profiles and now you can have a picture on your profile! I think they are trying to be more like microsoft. They have made it easier to view videos others have created too.


I don’t really care about my Steam level, but I am an achievement whore. Doesn’t matter what system I’m playing. I just love that extra feeling of completion.


Ditto. I used to not give a shit, thing have changed since I got older. Maybe I just like the idea of completing something? Considering nothing in my real like gets completed lol