Steam and Paying for Skyrim Mods [Edited]



Forbes article on the matter - This is a very well broken down way of looking at this issue.

So apparently this is a thing now (picture curtosy of r/gaming), Mod-makers can now charge for their work, via Steam; Valve, along with individual game developers (caugh, Bethesda) have decided to take a cut of the profits… most of the cut.

More importantly though, is Valve’s reaction to the pissed off gamers who are using mods.
According to Reddit’s Whitethane via r/gaming Valve has denied users access to discussion boards on paid mods.

Now, there is a filter on Steam where you can still find the free mods, but what does this mean for the future of modding? Is Nexus gonna be hit next? You can already pay for their services (i.e. NMM), but at the moment this is unnecessary.

Modding has been a part of PC gaming since PC gaming has been a thing. I’m excited to see how this pans out, but very disappointed because free mods are what brought me from the console to the ever glorious PC.

So here are my main questions, will this continue to be the case, and should I start looting local business now?

These are my concerns Dude.

I will leave y’all with these (all can be found on r/gaming’s front page ) -

This shit is bananas “B-A-N-A-N-A-S”


I remember paying for some Doom I/II mods back in the 90’s as well as some Descent mods. It was to offset the costs of people using their free time to build content. Then the game companies started in on copyrights and the paid mods disappeared.


Dang, So how do you think this will pan out in the end? Nexus now has a donate button on individual mod pages and modders are taking their work down from the Steam Workshop in droves.


The modders taking their work down are entitled to do so, but there’s nothing that requires any of them to charge anything and, presently, the Valve EULA doesn’t hold any stipulation that the companies can charge for an otherwise free mod. I think people are trying to make a statement, and that’s fine, but they are the ones choosing to let the workshop die. They could all just decide “Fuck it, I’m not charging,” and everything would be as it’s always been. I think this is a short-lived crisis because so many people enjoy modding and I think Valve and the other companies are going to have to seriously consider the implications of the percentage they’re currently taking from modders, but it’ll likely be water under the bridge in a couple months, if that long.

People get really weird sometimes about their principles and such :wink:


Yeah, I can see a few mods being pay to play if they are good enough, especially total conversions, with most falling in the free category. I don’t think Valve’s intent was to kill the mod community.


The biggest problem I read about was people posting/charging for mods that either A) they did not create themselves, or B) use other mods as a base. This is essentially stealing and Valve should have some form of proving you are the creator of the mod if you are charging for it. As I interpret how this works I could just find some random mod on Nexus, post to the workshop and claim it as mine and sell it. I’m not 100% on this, if I’m wrong please let me know! :stuck_out_tongue: But if this is true, I would think this is the biggest issue.


I was reading this too.

[quote] from u/Martel732

  1. It is changing a system that has been working fine. Modders aren’t an oppressed class working without benefit. Modders choose to work on mods for many reasons: fun, practice, boredom, the joy of creating something. And gamers appreciate their contributions. While, some gamers may feel entitled most understand that if a modder is unable to continue the mod may be abandoned. Donations may or may not help but they are an option. This system has for years made PC gaming what it is. Modding in my opinion is the primary benefit of PC gaming over console. Changing a functional system is dangerous and could have unintended consequences.

  2. Now that people are paying for mods they will feel entitled for these mods to continue working. If a free mod breaks and isn’t supported that is fine because there is no obligation for it to continue working. If someone pays though they will expect the mod to be updated and continue working as the base game is updated. Furthermore, abandoned but popular mods are often revived by other people; if these mods are paid then the original creator may not want people to profit off of updated versions of their mod.

  3. Related to the above paid mods may reduce cooperative modding. Many mods will borrow elements from other mods; usually with permission. Having paid mods will complicate things. Someone who makes a paid mod will be unlikely to share his/her work with others. What if someone freely share’s his/her mod and someone incorporates it into a paid mod? Does the first mod’s owner deserve compensation, does the second modder deserve the full revenue. This makes modding more politically complicated and may reduce cooperation.

  4. This may reduce mods based off of copyrighted works. There is a very good chance that any paid mod based off of a copyrighted work will be shutdown. Modders could still release free mods of this nature but it complicates the issue. Many mods based on copyrighted materials borrow (usually with permission) from other mods to add improvements. If these other mods are paid then the original creators likely won’t let them use it. Additional many modders may now ignore copyrighted mods in order to make mods that they may profit on.

  5. Steam/the developer are taking an unfairly large portion of the profit. Steam and the Developers are offering nothing new to the situation. Steam is already hosting the mods and the developer already made the game. They now wish to take 75% of all profit from the mod. If the market gets flooded by low-quality paid mods, the modders will likely make very little and the quality of the game will not be increased. However, Steam and the Developers will make money off of no work on there part. [/quote]


This whole thing is so dumb. Yeah, there was a time when you had to bootstrap, starve, eat ramen, beg your friends and family, and maybe crawl up to an investor or two to get your indie game developed.

Now, you can make a video about how awesome it could possibly be and people will donate to you making money on a crowd funding site.

Yet… We are soooo upset about modders charging?

Shut up, internet, you are stupid.

A game mod is nothing different than any other work. Someone spent the time to make it. They can either sell it, give it away, or somewhere in between.

There was a time when game developers would be flipping out that anyone was daring to make money on modding their games. Now, with the understanding of what modding can do for long term game sales publishers are on board. But of course, they want a piece of the pie.

Yes, the distribution system (Steam) wants a piece of it too.


I agree with you on letting modders sell their mods, but if someone tries to sell a mod either they didn’t create or uses stuff from another mod you do start to run into problems. That is why I am against the way Valve went about this. There seems to be no checks and balances to verify who created what mods. It’s a first come first serve system from what I can tell. To me that seems a bit unfair to many modders who may have not been able to support a previous mod. Yet someone else reposts it and claims it as their own, which to anyone is stealing, But it seems Valve hasn’t done anything yet to try and fix these types of problems.


The system is not perfect.

This is version 1. Paying for mods is not for the re-skin of a shirt mods. It’s for the total conversion, H1z1 style, crazy skyrim full texture pack, game changer mods.

However, this concept is brand new so no one knows this yet. The market needs time to balance itself by way of people not buying some things.


Looks like the internet won through cooperative tantrum; they’re removing the paid option in the Steam workshop and giving full refunds.


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Wow, I admit I didn’t really expect to see that from steam.


I think the train-wreck of an AMA that Gaben did helped this happen :wink:


Me too, much trolling but many good points were made.


Sometimes the best way to handle the internet mob is to just wait it out until they find the next thing to passionately witch hunt for the next couple days.


Ya I suppose once you get the head honcho involved shit starts to happen, lol.


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