Steam Broadcasting?! Interesting


Thought this was interesting


This could be really cool if they add in an option for other streaming services. Would be like that PS streaming thing you all use.

Chat appears in-game so you don’t have to tab out to read. Stream doesn’t see the chat. My upload is garbage and I would LOVE to read the thoughts on quality of someone with a decent upload.

I haven’t seen any news of this so if this is old stuff, sorry…


I didn’t know about it. I know that one of the steam games i have dled, i can stream to my twitch straight from it when i’m playing, but didn’t now that steam offered it as well, in their own way.


For now it seems ultra limited:

No Streaming of non-steam games. (Odd since you CAN in-home stream non-steam games)

No Camera capture.

No VoD support (this one they may tie into youtube since you CAN bind your account to youtube)

Still, since they are really moving on the steam “Console” it will be interesting to have this ability. Hopefully it is just in its infancy and they don’t abandon the thought.


Yeah i agree, it would be nice for them to allow it, bring in more “business” for them because people will just use their streaming abilities rather then a third party such as OBS.


I remember seeing an update for this. Cool option to build into Steam but I haven’t really looked into it myself. Beyond that, I’ve realized that ultimately I just don’t have the bandwidth to any amount of real streaming.


hopefully that will change with the reclassification of broadband 3 Megs up plus. So many Americans fall under that bar.


I’m hoping the reclassification will help me, however I’m Canadian, so it won’t have any immediate impact on me. Currently I’m at 55 down / 10 up, but I have a 275gb monthly cap. Last month I used 240gb without streaming anything and I kind of kept tabs on what I was doing. I certainly could have done more.