Steam Controller Unboxing


###I posted about this wonderful order previously, so I’m well past due putting some unboxings and reviews up on the hardware; today, we’re opening the Steam Controller.

###After removing the light-blue sleeve, you open the box to this glorious sight:

###Removing the controller itself gets you to the included set of batteries and the dongle (which has an engraved Steam logo, making it easy to identify if you have multiple wireless devices).

###Pulling the white cradle out using the finger hole gets you to the included paperwork, cable, and dongle base.

I’ll go more into detail with the controller in an upcoming review post; look forward to it :wink:

As promised :wink:


When everything is bold, nothing is bold.


That last sentence wasn’t in bold :stuck_out_tongue:


I used ### rather than just plain text or line breaks to separate the pictures up; nothing is supposed to be bold for emphasis, it’s just supposed to be a bit more readable and easier to see the breaks between pictures. Here’s a great example of this exact same format minus the format griefing :wink:


I thought it worked well
easy on the eyes


I think someone has gone too far in depth :wink:


I’m emboldened by this unboxing. Also jealous. Boldly jealous.




Yes, I thought that quote read strangely sensual as well but… I mean… he does love his video games and video game accessories xD


Step 1) cut a hole in the box…


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I got my link and controller today…the controller sits good in my hands and is very comfortable. I can’t try it yet because of…reasons…but I’m a little skeptical on how the right pad thing will work. I’m so used to 2 joysticks on a ps4 or xb controller that it is odd not to have one on the right side. Will be able to test it this weekend when I get my PC.


As someone who plans on creating his very first unboxing video shortly, mighty fine advice.