Steam group for StratsCo


The title can’t be “Strategy & Co.”?

Friend me! :steam_locomotive:

Friend me, click here.

I’m in and friend requests sent!

Post your steam name here so we can add each other!

Steam Username: iamkrillin

edit: changed my steam username

My Steam id is Arkamedeez.

And when I click the group link at the top everything is in a Slavic-looking language. When I do a search for the StratsCo group while in Steam, I find nothing.

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Got your back brah, check your Steam inbox and you should have a group invite!

Joined and my profile is

Look for majordomo if you want to friend me.

Late to the party, joined up and here’s my steam profile!

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Never late! Always just in time lol.

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Hey there everyone! just joined the group.
heres my profile incase anyone wants to add me

Hey guys! just joined as well. Profiles if ya want to friend me

I’ll add folks here shortly. If you find me, ping me here with your steam UN if I don’t respond

just got steam, mm dont know how to find my profile link (haven’t looked honestly its 5 am) but my steam id is the same as my name here, surprise surprise.

How to find your profile link on Steam:

1. Sign onto Steam through your web browser

Log In page here (Always check the address bar for phishing

2. Navigate to your profile at the top of the store page (you are automatically redirected here after signing in.) Hover over your Steam nickname and click PROFILE.

3. Copy and paste the link in the address bar. Your profile link will look like this:
This is mine, the ‘youlowermyIQ’ part is custom and can be changed through your profile settings. The default should be your Steam nickname.

Alternate way of obtaining/editing your URL:

1. Sign onto steam from your desktop or web browser

2. Navigate to your profile, then click ‘Edit Profile’ on the top right (underneath badge display and account level)

3. Directly above your Avatar box will be the edit box for your URL.

And Voilà!

If you have any more questions, feel free to add or PM me. :smile: Making guides are fun


Thanks for the write up @Daddy!

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