Steam Halloween sale


Steam is having a Halloween sale this weekend. Lots of scary-type games are discounted. It includes:

  • System Shock 2 $2.49

  • Dead by Daylight $13.99

  • Vampire:The Masquerade - Bloodlines $4.99

  • Bioshock Remastered $9.99

  • Darkest Dungeon $14.99

As well as various others. Check it out if you’re interested in some haunting titles.


The only game i see there that i want to get.


Killing Floor: 4.99

Killing Floor 2 (early access): 19.99

I’m trying to decide whether or not to get KF2


Worth every penny; great RPG (especially with the fan mod update).

It’s as much (if not more) of a game as the original KF, they just keep putting more in it. If you like coop horde shooters, it’s an easy buy, IMO :wink:


KF2 is a pretty awesome game, honestly. I’ve had it for awhile and just reinstalled it recently. I’d be up for some coop.