Steam hardware is finally rolling out!


The controller, among other things, just went on preorder and will be shipping in October! They’re saying “limited quantities” with not a lot of additional information, so if it’s something you’ve been considering, you might want to think good and hard and fast :wink:


I want vr.


I bought the controller and link. I have a PS4 but every time a game comes out that releases on PC too, I opt for PC because I know graphics will be better. Now I can buy my PC games and still play in the living room… (not now, October). Now if everyone would just stop making exclusives that are so fucking cool I can get rid of my PS4/Wii U.


thinking about getting the controller and link combo. the controller definitely looks insteresting, especially for rts or strategy games


So this fall I can finally enjoy playing Civ 5 on my big screen in my living room without running a 60ft HDMI cable!!! :smiley: