Steam Holiday Sale has Started *Updated 12/25/14*

Here we are again, a new Steam Sale has started. Anyone want to discuss?
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Counter Strike Global Offensive: $7.49
Thief: $7.49
Shadow of Mordor: $29.99
Risen 3 - Titan Lords: $24.99
Banished: $7.99
ANNO 2070: $7.49
Kerbal Space Program: $17.99
Brothers: $1.49
Elder Scrolls Online: $19.79


  • Batman 3 Beyond Gotham: $20.09
  • Trainfever: $20.99
  • Football Manager 2015: $33.49
  • COD Advanced Warfare: $44.99
  • Democracy 3: $4.99
  • GRID Autosport: $9.99
  • South Park The Stick of Truth: $13.59
  • Contagion: $4.99
  • Planetary Annihilation: $24.99


  • Xcom Enemy Unknown: $7.49
  • Terraria: $1.99
  • The Evil Within: $20.39
  • Lords of the Fallen: $19.99
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV: $17.99
  • Gauntlet: $9.99
  • Plague Inc. Evolved: $10.04
  • Farcry 4: $47.99
  • Life is feudal: $26.79

I have enjoyed a few of the Civilization games in the past, is this one worth the $30?

Just a reminder. Shop Smart

I had a great time playing Civ with you, @DracoIsmenium and @Majordomo. I might pick up Beyond Earth on the sale.


I’ve never played a Civ game but I’m REALLY tempted. I like the setting but I’d be a major scrub. I’m way too defensive in strategy games.

Let me know if you do. Civ games are a great relax, have some great conversation game.

I play Civ 5 with a handful of people from time to time and am similarly outclassed; thus, I take the king-maker position: latch on to the nearest powerful player, become their friend, and support them in world domination :wink:

Everything I’ve heard about Civ:BE from my friends that have it is it’s basically a really fancy mod for Civ 5, so on sale might be the only way to go on this one.

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So being the kissass is a strategy?! Man. If anyone buys this please report back!

Read: partner :wink:

Honestly though, I’m terrible about militarizing in a timely manner during FFA and usually have a pretty bitching economy, so I just siphon my excess to support the power- (and money-) hungry.


Honestly this game has very little replayability right now. I played two games when the game came out and instantly had zero interest in playing the game again. I would personally wait for any expansions before you play, just because the state of it right now means you are going to spend little time actually playing. I guess you could grab it while it is on sale now just for the future but it is probably a little risky.

edit: It is better right now to just play Civ V with the expansions and mods

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Added bonus: when those expansions, etc., come out for it, the sale will be more than 50% off :wink:


I wish I had made this a wiki so that everyone could edit it when the new sales roll in. I’ll keep it updated best I can with the daily sales!


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Dat Payday. Recommended.

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