Steam - Possibly Compromised


Based on a number of reports, it seems Valve is having some issues with Steam right now where user data is being shared & possibly published publicly. Word has it logging in & account management functions might be part of the problem, but figured I’d let y’all know so you can make some education decisions on what you’re doing today.

Remember folks, the internet is full of dark & scary people.


I was sitting on the store page and noticed that my store was displaying in another language. I suddenly had a wishlist of games that I did not add. Some were games I already owned.

I tried to reboot my system and my system seems to have upgraded to win10 at the same time. Only I’ve been running win10 for months.

Can’t wait to see how this ends.


The credit card data is very worrying.


While nothing official seems to have come from Valve, people are suggesting it’s a caching issue & recommending not doing ANYTHING other than play titles to avoid your data going to someone else.

But definitely worrisome if the CC data has been saved.


Pc player issues lol


^&$%^%$&. Guess I have job security this way, though…



What should I do, disable all my payment options on Steam, is it too late?


Store is back up. Guess everything is fixed now.

Supposedly it was a read-only cache problem. People couldn’t actually do anything to your account but they might have seen your wishlist, email address or possibly a few digits of your credit card number.

I doubt Steam will admit to anything.


Sucks to be working at steam right now.


Just glad they fixed it quickly. @Auth’s Subnautica is on sale today!


Yeah I bought it, it’s pretty fun. I like the cyclops submarine