Steam Summer Sale 2015



Maybe if we pray they’ll announce it


Hoping for some cheap payday DLC


I keep seeing Strats mbrs on Pay Day 2 when I log into Steam,
So what is Pay Day, I’m guessing a mix between GTAV’s heist system and Hardline.


Yeah it’s basically that. I waited too long for the GTA heists so I haven’t tried them yet


In Payday you are the criminals. You’re doing various jobs around Washington, DC. Robbing jewelry stores and convenience stores, cooking meth, breaking into bank vaults, framing politicians, breaking old buddies out of prison.

In some jobs you start out in “casing mode” where you are walking around casually, checking for cameras, guards, etc. As soon as you put on your mask you whip out your gun and go to town. Sometimes you start the mission with your mask already on, however. You have the option to complete jobs with stealth, avoiding detection and killing guards silently. Or you can go in loud and take your chances blowing everyone away.


I got ya, that sounds pretty awesome. About how long do the missions usually last?


Some of the easier ones, like the jewelry store, are smash-and-grab. You run in, break some display cases open, and run out with as much loot as possible. Couple minutes if you play correctly and stop anyone from calling the cops.

There are others that span 2-3 “days” and might take 30 minutes or more if you’re trying to stealth thru the mission. But generally bigger payout if you can stealth.


10 - 30 minutes depending on the mission. Some missions have multiple “days” which is different phases of a mission. Like one day you break someone out of prison and the next day you break into an FBI building to find out who snitched on him


Nice, so it could deff fill those 15mikes with nothing to do before you need to go somewhere.

I can’t just ‘pick’ ESO up and play for 10-30.


You should totally get it. Tired of playing with randoms.


I’m down if it gets a price cut this summer.


Payday seems to go on sale fairly often.




Found this Steam sale tracker

Steam Sale-checking Website

Nice find!


According to a leak and some PayPal emails, this is supposed to start today; I guess we’ll see :wink:


its aliiiveeeee
itsss aaalliiiiiiveee:)


First day is a little light on interesting things for me. Looks like I already own everything I would want.

Darkest Dungeon and Farm Sim are on there, though.


I got the Darksiders pack for 12 bucks and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution for 17…


…and so it begins; RIP in sales, wallet.