Steam Summer Sale!




Best Deals of the Day from PC Gamer:

5 - Trine Complete

85% off: $3.74 / £2.69 - Steam store page

What Trine lacks in challenge—it’s not very difficult as platformers go – it more than makes up for in magical fairy tale charm. The sequel, Trine 2, improves upon the formula just about every way, particularly through the addition of cooperative multiplayer action. And with the original game about to undergo a dramatic (and free!) overhaul thanks to the coming Trine Enchanted Edition, this bundle at this price is a must-have by any measure.

4 - Hotline Miami

85% off: $1.49 / £1.04 Steam store page | Flash sale: Buy it before 8 p.m. EST

No game revels in ultraviolence like Hotline Miami, which turns pixelated murder sprees into an art form. It’s brutal, stylish, and challenging in that perfect way: once you make a perfect run through a level without stopping, mowing down a dozen thugs with a knife and then a pipe and then a shotgun, you’ll feel like the god of sleazy Miami murders. You’ll want some practice now, since Hotline Miami 2 includes a level editor that will let you craft your own murder rooms. Get it fast—the flash sale on Hotline Miami won’t last long.

3 - Far Cry 3

75% off: $7.49 / £3.74 - Steam store page

Attacking outposts is our favorite part of Far Cry 3. The sandbox shooter’s story is a strange and meandering mixture of Alice in Wonderland and the spring break trip you made in college, but dismantling the dozens of bases that populate Far Cry 3’s islands however you want is scrappy, open-ended FPS combat at its best. Now’s a good time to jump in before Far Cry 4releases later this year.

2 - The Witcher 2

80% off: $3.99 / £2.99 - Steam store page

You’ve got until early 2015 before The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt releases, and it’s looking fantastic. That’s plenty of time to catch up on one of our favorite modern RPG series—not only is The Witcher 2 on sale, the first game is only $1.99 / £1.39. Bonus value: The Witcher 2’s fantastic story splits into two completely separate arcs in its second act, so if you want to experience both paths, you’ve got two playthroughs ahead of you.

1 - XCOM: Complete

67% off: $16.49 / £8.24 - Steam store page

Our favorite strategy game of 2012, conveniently collected into bundle form with the equally-great Enemy Within expansion, has one of the best campaigns in gaming. Hand-building your alien defense force replicates the feeling of running imaginary missions with action figures in your living room. Except this time, G.I. Joe can die for reals. Thoughtful strategy, a tense metagame, and detailed maps that explode into pieces make XCOM the second-best digital board game available (Civilization V would be the first).


Alright, what has everyone picked up so far? I’m doing well not throwing Gabe all my money. To date, I’ve snagged:

Game Dev Tycoon
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Stellar Phenomenon and Forbidden Worlds DLC’s (had the base game already)


I snagged Far Cry 3, Terraria, Fable, Pay Day 2, and Halo: Spartan Assault.


Just added the Can’t Stop Laughing Bundle which includes Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre. Snagged the two DLC’s for Castle Crashers as well. Damn you Gabe!


Ended up having five copies of Castle Crashers three of which are able to be gifted. >__>;


I’m actually hoping some people snag up Natural Selection 2 as it’s currently 75% off, costing a whopping $6.24 and worth every penny, in my opinion.


Welp, didn’t take long for this summer’s annual “fraudulent activity” call on my credit card, resulting from a combination of bad shopping cart mechanics in Steam and those lazy pricks in the fraud department not bothering to look for trends with a customer they’ve serviced for over a decade or taking the time to understand a large merchant’s operating procedures. I get it every year when I buy stuff for the wife and myself during the Summer, Black Friday, and Winter Sales because there’s a lot of purchases, many appearing to be duplicate, at low dollar amounts. My kingdom to not go through this bullshit.



I only seem to get those with large purchases in B&M stores. I can just imagine the fraud department: “He’s buying something not online. Something’s not right here!”


This is probably the most I’ve spent in a good while on a steam sale, although I generally only buy games during steam sales and a lot of games I’ve been interested have come out somewhat recently/haven’t really been on any kind of significant discount so far. Here’s the damage so far:

Far Cry Franchise Pack
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
XCOM: Enemy Within
The Walking Dead Season 2
Project Zomboid
Dark Souls
Tropico 3&4


Dorkly nailed it.


Exactly right—it’s fucking brilliant.