Steam VR Performance test



With both the specs for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive out in the open, potential VR users might be interested to see how their system setups perform with SteamVR. The performance test from Valve can be reached by going to this page, although people are reporting that this page will redirect to the main Steam Store. To solve this, people can use the following link to install the SteamVR performance test.

Link to install:
If that doesn’t work use: steam://install/323910



Great post. VR is going to be a huge main stream within the next few years. I highly recommend anyone who is planning on building or upgrading a computer to heavily consider what kind of hardware this is going to require.


I usually jump in first as I am always an early adopter, I think I’m going to hold of a bit on VR…even though I am extremely excited for it. Some of the pictures someone was sharing in discord today had me hyped. I really like the idea of being able to watching a movie from the comfort of my own home while making it seem like I’m in the movie theater!


I’m sure people said the same thing about the Nintendo Power Glove or Xbox Kinect. :hankey:

Point being, I’m just not sure that VR is going to be huge main stream as you might think. It might be a neat novelty item that happens to enhance some games or apps, but I’m wondering how many developers will actually design specifically for VR.


I think your right. It’s really going to be up to developers to make it a must have. I think the Microsoft holo lens could deliver that kind of following, but it must be executed well. The functionality has to be amazing to justify upgrading your pc and spend a ton of money on getting into it.


A year ago Crowfall was running it’s Kickstarter campaign. One of the stretch goals was VR support. It definitely seemed like a novelty item to me. The game is played 3rd person so I’m not sure what benefit VR would give to the game.

At the time I felt like VR support was something you paid extra money for with the Unity game engine and they (Unity) gave developers an on/off switch. I don’t see how a 3rd-person game can be designed for VR.


I see what you are saying, but what is so sexy to me about VR is the ability to make things seem larger than they are. If I can simulate playing a 3rd person shooter or 3rd person anything on a 200inch TV…I’m all in. @Dynamible brought up holo lens, and although I usually shit on Microsoft all day long, holo lens literally has the most impressive out of all of them. They are skipping right past VR and going right to augmented reality. You can put multiple virtual 50 inch tvs anywhere in your home. Just picture you coming home and your have 4 virtual 50 inch tvs on your wall all displaying different shit. Ugh…why can’t the future be here already!!!


There’s several AR type systems being developed already that arent hololense. Which I’m happy for since any one company working on new tech is never a good thing.


As with the formats that came before it (pun intended), I predict it’ll be up to the porn industry to move it into the mainstream proper; if they embrace it, it’ll go places :wink:


Yeah I think it will get mainstream once it hits the middle of the product life cycle. Early Adopters are far few and in between for products with this application and price tag. I think us normal folk will probably wait until it lowers in price and is usable on cheaper hardware. That being said if I could get my hands on one I would love to have it! @ducksauce88 I am with you on the holo lens, but this article tells me it wont be out for awhile


Let’s not all forget…Oculus Rift pre-orders sold out in 14 minutes. People are ready for VR. I haven’t really found anyone to talk it down either. All the pod casts and articles I read on VR in general are positive. I think if anything PS VR could be the one to fail hard out of them all. MS is smart for holding off on hololens, kinect is something that should never seen the light of day IMO (same goes for ps motion :laughing:).


Yeah, but that’s also a limited run that’s been hyped for how many years now? Spoiler alert: The Kickstarter wrapped August 1st of 2012. I’m not saying people aren’t interested, but I’m with @teh_ninjaneer on this one; the technology still has a healthy distance to travel before it’s mainstream proper :wink:

It should also be noted that while they “sold out” of what they had ready to ship, they haven’t actually give a number anywhere. It’s a lot easier to sell out of a few thousand than it is to sell out of a million (which, even still, doesn’t constitute mainstream adoption). The dev kits for Oculus Rift sold just over 175k units over ~3 years, for reference, and at a much lower price point of $300-350. I want VR to be a thing, so this initial wave of products from all the various makers have a lot of expectations surrounding them, but it’s not mainstream yet :wink:


I was going to make this exact comment. There’s no way of knowing if preorders were limited to 100 or 10,000. Claiming you “sold out” of preorders helps to raise the hype level but without putting a number on that the claim has no merit.


That is very true. You can get so much hype and make people think everyone wants one that way. I would love to see the actual numbers.


Ive been holding out since the Virtual Boy. 20 years is about time!!!


Everything else is child’s play:


I owned a power glove. I thought I was one cool sumbitch.

Those sensors hanging on my TV said otherwise. That and the fact I was wearing that glove on my hand while trying to play Zelda.


Ban me if you must for continuing to drive the train off the rails, but I remember so wanting to be this cool:


Just did my test. I’m ready!