SteamOS gaming performs significantly worse than Windows



Strange. If anything I thought it’d be the other way around.


ouch, that’s rough. i’m not surprised…but i’m disappointed.


In the article he explains why Windows performs better. Its simple economics, the majority of pc gamers use Windows so most of the game related businesses tailor to it. For example he states that Nvidia and AMD release more GPU drivers on Windows than any other platform. So these drivers are more up to date and customized specifically for new AAA titles. Same goes for many other parts of the gaming business world. Until the majority use Linux/Mac or other OS’s they will always remain at a lower priority. A Spock once said, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.


Valve needs to focus. I think they’re pushing on this new market while trying to appease the core PC gaming market. It’s not going to happen. Bridging a gap between core PC gamers who have some ridiculously stupid hate for console gamers and the console market is something that can’t happen by way of merging the two disciplines.

It’s going to happen over time as extremely high end computing power required to play AAA games on Ultra settings becomes affordable and productized in ways that aren’t just pre-built PCs.

ASUS is trying to do this and failing. Earlier this year some Republic of Gamers product managers from ASUS came to my house to show me their new pre-build system and ask me about their direction. Their product was pretty good but targeted to mostly MOBA gamers who don’t need Fallout 4 to run on Ultra.

Once that market can be equipped with a fully-functional PC-like console, you will see the divide shift. It’s very strange to me how PC Master Race™ people talk about consoles like they’re not computers. They’re just pre-built PCs.

SteamOS needs core recommended hardware at least. This will allow studios to develop for a SteamOS SDK and bring games to market similarly to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

Until the PC market is ok with this, you’re going to have a laggy junk OS for gaming. Many people dislike Windows but Microsoft has been doing this for 40 years. 40!