SteamOS Sale - Games for Cheap


Dunno if anyone needs to fill in their collections, but there’s good stuff to be had here:


Love it! I typically don’t get anything from Steam unless its on sale or if someone sents me something on my wishlist. <3

Luckily for me I had $10 left in my steam wallet, so I finally picked up The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Been watching a lot of LP’s of it on YouTube, so I figured i’d give it a shot.


Best site for filling out your games list + charity.


yup. no bundle this week. Steam Sale is this week.


I got so many games when I donated to the yogscast humble bundle. It’s a great program.


I really wish I had more money at this point. There are so many titles I want to pick up! Some I could use for more giveaways :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s so many games on this page that are regular price. This seems to be happening regularly on Steam now. They send out an email letting you know they have a big sale, and half the games must have come off sale by the time I go look at the list.


ouch. yeah you have to be on their sales. Humble bundle has a weekly up!


My picks on the steam page that are still on sale: (as of 0700 on 3/6)

Don’t Starve Megapack:

Kerbal Space Program (Already had it before Strats so if you are doing the don’t prebuy thing…(BUT it’s an actual small group of devs and the product has been fun so far.)

FTL (Fun little roguelike, usually doesn’t no win you too badly, except when it does.):

BattleBlock Theatre: (if you have a controller and a juvenile sense of humor, this might be a big win. My 11 and 12 year olds love it. I chuckle quietly at the jokes.)


If you guys don’t pick anything else up, please, please, please do yourselves all a favor and pick up FTL. Hands down one of the hardest games you’ll play, but damn is it fun, and the OST is absolutely astounding.