Steam's Winter Sale is Upon Us

The sale runs through January 4th. Anything worth buying at a good price?



Having enjoyed Kingdom: Classic, I’m seriously considering Kingdom: New Lands.

[EDIT] - this morning someone from the Twitch Vancouver community gifted me a copy. I am a lucky guy.

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it’s almost exactly the same game, but worth it on super discount

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I will likely buy more games later this week, but so far the best purchase for me has been Fight’N Rage. I only discovered this game earlier in the month because I searched for beat-em-up games. Otherwise I probably would have never discovered it.

If you enjoyed Final Fight from 25-ish years ago then you will love this game. The gameplay is almost exact and even the characters are very similar.

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Last night I purchased Cuphead.

Today I began playing Cuphead.

I like the Cuphead.

The Winter Sale might be the first time this game has been on sale since its release. I feel it is certainly worth its current $16 price. This is a great throwback to 80s platformers.

I also feel that the difficulty of this game has been greatly exaggerated. I’m currently about 20% complete.
Once you see each of a boss’s phases and understand the patterns then it is just a matter of execution.

I wonder if the difficulty most people experience is that there are no checkpoints in the levels. If you die then you have to play the entire level again.


Cuphead is great. I started playing it on PC a while back, but broke my thumb and couldn’t play it anymore. I need to pick it back up!

I think you’re right about the whole lack of checkpoints turning people away, although it is a great shoutout to the 80’s and early 90’s platformers, and I think people are spoiled with how hand fed they are now-a-days with auto-save checkpoints every time there is something remotely difficult that was completed. Far to many games cater to the casual gamers now it’s truly unfortunate. That said, I’m not saying cuphead is hardcore, it’s truly not; but it’s not so much casual either.

I find it interesting how games have split on that.
I think it is difficult as a game designer to find the right balance of saving vs gameplay hazards so as to maintain the optimal gaming audience.

I agree some games have super over done it. While other games, I feel, underdid it on purpose (to make their games “so difficult” etc) as well as to attract a certain type of gamer when in fact their game is not difficult per se, so much as it is just frustrating due to their saving mechanics.

There are some that do it well, or are reasonable, but others are basically “oh it’s auto saving, prepare fora big fight” then 30 seconds later “oh, it auto-saved, guess the fight is over”. I don’t mind checkpoints in most games, but there are some that are really bad for it, and they could definitely re-work those systems.