Steel Series opportunity for streaming folks


Looks like Steel Series has noticed that a lot of folks are paying attention to folks streaming. This might be a good opportunity for the Strats Streaming community:,30211.html


I applied…worth a shot, right?


I applied, Thanks for the link. Hoping to be one the first 50 <3


Applied! Good luck to all who applied :slight_smile:


I actually just got an email that I was accepted! Anyone else?


Same, but did they send you the sign-up link? They gave me 2 of the same emails.

I think their automatic sponsorship sign-up link is messed up. I contacted the affiliates back.


I haven’t gotten the 2nd link to officially sign up yet.

Let me know when you hear back!


Alright, well… Good luck then :slight_smile:


wish i was one of the first 50


Wait, what do you mean the first 50? Is that their limit?


the first 50 got a headset and some steelseries gear


But you still got the affiliate right?


yesemphasized text


2 Hours Later, still no link xD. I think “shortly” for companies is 1 day.


Anyone get the sign-up link yet?

Oh, they actually give you a “unique” sign-up link. Also, they were deciding who to get the free stuff.


Nothing yet here.


Their office hours are 8AM-5PM so yeah xD


Got ya, thought you were implying you got a response :smile:.


Nah, but I have a bad feeling that they are searching for people that have higher concurrent viewership than us and giving them the sign-up links first xD.


3 days later, " anyone get it yet?"