Step Into Darkness


Thank you Auth for naming my home post to Darkness… Now anyone who wishes to see my tower can visit me by stepping into Darkness anytime. My tower is visible from the post and will soon have a road and bridge connecting to it. Be aware that I have mobs spawning inside the tower occasionally as I have not fixed the lighting yet and kind of like having something to kill at times.

Enjoy and feel free to visit whenever you like as you can Step into Darkness when you like, and at time you may even get out of Darkness alive… mwahahahaha…


Oh almost forgot… if you enter my portal room you will have to go through the portal to the nether to escape as the button inside the room is not pushable unless I have given you permission… it is linked to ghosthogs portal on the nether side and you exit at his area.

Sorry for the inconvenience but then again I do like keeping my visitors captivated when possible…

(no the dungeon isn’t ready yet, the wrack broke last week and you have not fixed it yet… shhh don’t say that out loud you idiot… they will hear you… )