Stepping Down as Guild Leader for Albion Online



So I haven’t really talked to anybody about this and it will come as a surprise to many of you, but I have decided to step down as Guild Leader for Albion Online, there are a few reasons for this.

Unfortunately during this beta I will be working up in DC on night shift, most of you don’t know what this means so let me explain. When I work up in DC I get maybe 7 days off a month, and nights is usually more relaxed, but can be called in more often. I will still play the game for my streams and for fun, so you guys can’t get rid of me that easily.

I was also going to post up some guides today but unfortunately spent all day in the ER with a close friend (she’s stable now) and realized I have quite alot going on this next month in my personal life.

Now I would like to suggest @Auth take over if he would like, I know you are in charge of the Green Zone guild but I would like to offer you to be in charge over all. I would like to suggest @Mohomohommad, @Selwonk or @Cracka08 to take over my place as leader of the PvP guild. I love you all :slight_smile:


I completely understand your decision. I know it’s hard to step down from something you take so much time to build. I know someone will take the reigns before the release and continue the progress that you have made. Real life comes first and your contributions to building the Albion Guild have been exemplary. Thanks for all of your hard work and communicating that someone might have more time to take the lead now.


This will make the front page of Strats Chronicle!


R.I.P. Guildmaster Drizz… It was glorious while it lasted.

I would also love it if @Auth took over as guildmaster (obviously only if he wants to).

I like PvP, but I’m generally pretty bad at it (I usually go with the ‘run in and die’ strategy), so I may not make the best PvP leader.

I think we should take a bit of time to work out the hierarchy. If we’re going with the two guild system, maybe structure it like a corporation.

Guildmaster - Makes the high-level strategic decisions for the guild and manages the other ‘executives’

Master of Coin - In charge of advising the GM in matters of guild finance, managing finances, and final say in lower-level finance decisions (things not worth bothering the GM with); Ensure sufficient flow of both money and food

Master of War - In charge of advising the GM in strategic military and PvP matters, organizing/carrying out military operations, and has final say in lower-level military decisions (see above)

Master of Crafting - In charge of advising the GM in matters regarding crafting/gathering, organizing systems to make sure guild needs are met, and has final say in lower-level crafting/gathering decisions.

Assistant Guildmaster - In charge of making sure the two guilds are able to work well together, hear the complaints/suggestions from guildmembers and (if important enough) making sure they are brought to the attention of the appropriate executive. It is important this position have equal power to the other executives, and they will act as GM if the GM is unavailable for a significant period of time.

Each executive position will have an officer at each guild to manage day-to-day operations.



Let the record show I have indeed seen this post and will continue watching it; I’m absorbing the information and will have a proper response in a day or two :wink:


I knew it was only time!!! I say I will destroy you and you run in fear. Well you sir, one that falls off ledges trying to kill rats, can’t run forever! :smile:

In all seriousness though… Sucks about that. I wouldn’t mind doing the pvp stuff and even if @Selwonk and @Mohomohommad want to all 3 team up and run it together.

Also, afaik, I’m still doing a lot of the crafting crap. Although I’m sure we will sort a good portion that sorted out once we get back in game


@Auth any response yet?


We had the announcement at the Weekly last night; @Cracka08 is stepping up to take the hardcore guild. More details and detailed threads to follow regarding the new leadership structure and such over the next week :wink:


Finally a leader I can follow! With a name like @DrizztDo_Urden69 I just couldn’t follow…@Cracka08 on the other hand…a name of a leader! <3




You know I love you brother :slight_smile:


Shots fired!


I’m not sure if I believe you, and @simplyundrea trying to start shiz over here.


Glad to hear @Cracka08 is stepping up to run the PvP guild. I wouldn’t mind being in charge of crafting and making sure @Cracka08 and his troops have all the equipment they need.


@DrizztDo_Urden69: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Joeyyyyy~ -whistles-


I totally understand the post but you have to admit that the concept of stepping down from a guild for a game that hasn’t even released yet is a bizarre notion :wink:


Well to be fair. I am Valkyr in game


I just saw this post so I’m a little late to the game:

@DrizztDo_Urden69 hope all is going well on your personal life. As much as we all hate to admit it, it has to come before gaming (sometimes). :wink:

I’ll probably be involved in the beta if I can manage to slip away from GW2. If I do, I’ll probably stick to green zones/gathering resources and crafting. Woo!

And congrats to @Cracka08! I know you’ll do great this beta.


Yes and no Zniri, if you realize the amount of time I put into recruiting for this game, and the knowledge posts I’ve done on it, it’s a very hard thing to do.


my comment only referred to the ““concept”” of stepping down from a game that hasn’t even launched yet, was nothing to do with your effort or expenditure of time. sorry if that’s what you read