Stepping down from archeage

Sorry guys, but I have to step down as head of the archeage guild. I wish I can say I had the time to put into breathing life into it, but with so many of the player moving on to other games. there is not much I can do.

It takes a huge time investment to play a MMO, let alone run a guild. Your ascension to GM came at a time of a lot of change within the guild. Thank you for your contributions and investment. Do you still plan on playing AA with Strats?

I will still play AA, but not as a Strats guild member,

Sorry to hear that.

Thanks for the effort you put in as Guild Leader.

Thank you for all the time spent for us.

Have you passed the in-game guild lead to anyone else yet?

Edit: If not, you can pass it to me and I’ll hold it until a replacement is found. In-game name - Tommythegray

Yeah that’s a good idea.

I passed it to @LordErku. I still have my alts in strats, I would still like to be a part of Strats. I still have a lot of friends here.

As much as I love being someone people look up to, I’ll hand ownership over to @tommy2118 when I’m online. (tomorrow evening probably)

I will also continue playing AA, but not as a Strats member.

For what it’s worth, I’d like to point out that Strats is much more than a guild in ArcheAge. It’s not mutually exclusive.


I’ve had a great time with Strats in AA, and would have been glad to stay if we were more active. I think we’re just missing out on a lot of content by not doing more and helping to build membership. AA was built for large (200+ person) guilds, and that becomes clear once you’ve played with one of the bigger ones. It was just easier to move to another guild that had the membership and organization to access that content.

BTW, there is a ton of land that will be coming up for demolition on Karkasse. If the AA Strats guild wants to to hold on to it, you’re going to need to get some people to log in and either pay the taxes or pass the ownership on. Both Zymora and I are willing to take on some or all of that land and make sure the taxes get paid. We’re also fine with maintaining it in Strats by holding it on one of our alts, which are still in the Strats guild.

Just let either of us know. You can whisper or email us in game, or reach us here on the Strats forum.


p.s. If there’s interest in running AA Strats as a “House” inside of Legacy, let me know. I would be happy to set that up either as a new house, or within an existing house like the Merchant Marines. That would give us some autonomy and intimacy while being part of a larger group that can provide us access to content and protection.


BTW, there is nothing better than sailing into port at sunset, fully loaded with 20 packs from Red Faction. :smile:


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@Ilindael i set my farms to private, ill invite you to my family so that you can continue to farm.

Thank you Klit I’ll look for you online, when or if they ever get the servers back up. been loving reading the falmes though the gif.s are almost as much fun as playing some days.

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Most of the land in Karkasse has been abandoned and taken over by other players. Only Wheatum’s farm and some other bits and pieces are left.

I will be selling my remaining properties in Karkasse and moving to other areas. I have a 16x6 land only plot and a 24x24 thatched nearby with male bears and a male yata for sale. Ping me if you are interested in purchasing


Guess I’ll ask the Powers that be the unasked question. Has the ArcheAge endeavor failed? Or, will there be a real attempt to maintain a group in this game? I do my daily things in game but the vast majority of members haven’t logged in in several days, weeks or a month plus. Just looking for an honest straight answer from the leadership so I can plan my game time and investment in this game.

@Ilindael, I think the community benefits from having ArcheAge players. However, there doesn’t seem to be anyone that plays AA that wants to step up and lead. It’s very difficult for us the help the AA guys with recruitment, events, content, etc when very few of the members participate with us here.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a push to get that relationship going from the AA side and we can only do so much without a leader in the game making the connection. Look at @dynamible with Destiny or @tommy2118 with GTA or previously @Auth with Wildstar. It takes someone that has the initiative to promote and grow. With that seed, you have a ton of support from the community to grow your guild, build a community around your game, and have a great rewarding experience.

So to answer your question, without that initiative from an active AA member stepping up as a leader, we don’t have much to go on.


In my day the saying went “Y’all can’t push a rope or make the horse drink”. Your response is a logical one and I thank you for the response. It gives me a good sense of where to go from here. Thank you Sir for your timely communication.