stHeretic's NCase M1 Build


Alright, here we go. One semi-complete build-log and post-mortem.

To start, the NCase M1. This is a tiny work of brilliant engineering. I know that there are smaller out there now, but everything about this case is amazing. Here she is all stripped down…

And with the power supply installed. These SFX guys are TINY. Pictures don’t do them justice, honestly. This also lets you see my very first dilemma of the build; the power cable is facing the wrong direction. Sadly, the replacement cable isn’t in stock at the moment, so I got a little creative with the routing. That will get fixed at some point in the future.

The only thing I pre-installed was the RAM, and even that ended up being less than ideal. I had to pop it out to get the front header cables plugged in properly. The clearances on this case are really small, with barely enough room between the RAM and power supply to route the top MB power.

This is after I got the headers plugged in. You can see the mess that will be cable management once I get to that point in the build.

Here she is with CPU and cooler installed. This is the first time I’ve used a Noctua cooler, and I don’t think I’ll even use anything else. The mounting kit is rock solid, the fans were easy to add, and the thing is absolutely silent at idle. You can also see my temporary cable management, just to make sure that nothing is interfering with the CPU intake.

Sadly, that is where we are currently on hold. Amazon lost/destroyed/never had my video card, to the point where they’ve just refunded me. Maybe something amazing will happen and it will be sitting on my porch when I get home Sunday, but I highly doubt it. My best option seems to be Microcenter, who has the MSI in stock for a reasonable price, so I may just run there Monday. In the mean time, I’m going to work on getting my old PC cleaned up and organized so it will be ready for my next project. It doesn’t seem worth it to drop my 760 in just to leave town for the weekend.

Follow up will happen next week once I can get my new card and see what this puppy can really do.

Original build discussion thread can be found here.

New Build Critique

Alright, so a lot has happened since I left you. Mostly, I got impatient, ran to MicroCenter to pick up an MSI Aero 1080, installed it, and then left town for three days.

The massive intake fan on the bottom is a Noctua A15 140mm fan with 120mm mounting holes. It doesn’t actually fit where I planned to mount it, but the Noctua mounts will work in some of the other mounting holes so it will actually work for its intended purpose, which is to stay at the lowest level and feed as much fresh air as possible to the 1080. From reading it sounds like this may only really result in a few degrees cooler under load, but it was something else run to do in this tiny case. I’ll try to get an actual picture of how I mounted this next time I have to pull her apart.

Here she is in her new home, still stuck with my current 1080@60Hz Dell IPS, which isn’t taxing this system at all. Please pardon the cables; the battlestation still needs some work.

And a beer for scale…

And just to be completely backwards, I’ll close with the obligatory box shot.

I don’t view this project as complete, just into its next phase. I need a monitor that will make use of all the horsepower I just packed into this tiny case, and I think I’ll be looking into custom cables, or at least making a second pass at getting my cable management done right. Thanks to everyone for the advice throughout the process!


nicely done. That case is pretty sweet looking. Def want to hear how temps are over time.


Welcome! You have arrived!

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