Still here



I am still alive and reading the forums everyday…getting better everyday though it has been slow. I want you all to know that i am still dedicated to/being a part of the Strats community. i hope to be back to full speed soon so i can get into the swing of things. I appreciate the opportunity and support from you guys a great deal…keep my seat warm for me :slight_smile:


Get well soon man, we miss you!


I just need a two-day notice before you come back so I can torch all the progress we’ve made to make everything feels exactly how you remember it :wink:


I’m starting to think being a WildStar guild leader is such an enormously stressful job that people have to immediately take an extended vacation after the first week.



It’s called pulling a majordomo…the crown is heavy


or the spine is weak :wink:



Wow brutal man


Best friends?


I ll think about it my spine was offended need to have a serious talk with him.