Still not maxed on AMP/Ability Point upgrades?



None of us are. Seriously, that shit is ridiculous, or rather was. Take a look at this post.

They're Here

Crap. Looks like I need to get back to grinding them dailys. But awesome that it won’t take me 40 weeks to max these lol.


As someone who’s been avoiding them like the plague, I can say I will be regretfully joining you -_-


It is about damn time. The time sinks in this game are ridiculous.


GW2 sees your accusation and raises you crafting a legendary weapon.


I hope they do a good job in implementing these. Especially the path rewards. But all in all i’m happy with the addition. Now i can re-examine where i want to spend the 800+ elder gems I’ve been sitting on.


With all of the amp/skill rotations required as a healer, I’m regretting spending points on AMPs. I really wish I would have gone with the LAS 3-4 instead.

I usually start my dailies around 8 PM MT if anyone is interested in grouping up. My rotation is Crimson Badlands -> Northern Wastes -> Blighthaven (Scorchwing, Eloyna, Tree event). Blighthaven really depends on the Scorchwing timer though.