Stop Talking about The Division


It just makes me want to play it more. But I cant.


Seriously, they must have laced that sh*t with crack or something


I keep trying to play other games and it’s just not the same.


I feel your pain @RedBeerde …i keep clicking on the shortcut icon on my screen but it wont let me play :frowning:
I have a strong feeling that this game is going to consume me when it comes out…i better make sure i have food stocked up for at least a week or 2…lol!!!



This should help those of us that need our The Division fix


Idk if I really want to play it again. I mean I’m loving the shit out of this game, but I don’t want to do it all over again 2 more times.


That post was also taken down…the open beta has not been confirmed by ubisoft.


Yet. :wink: