Storybricks Engine the Future of A.I


I don’t know, if many of you been following Everquest Next, but over a year ago I found out about Storybricks.These storybricks give npcs wants and needs that cause them to interact with every other npc and player differently. The npcs will have multiple goals, and have many ,easily transferable, options that will be based on many factors including mood, motivation, allegiances, etc.

Storybricks are the future of Video Game A.I. that react in a realistic way towards it’s environment without each individual action being programmed. Worlds will become emergent, and if you destroy a village the survivors will flee to other towns, or try to rebuild the ruined town. Permanent change will come to the world, and you won’t get the same quests as the other players.


Didn’t this company close about a week ago? There was a story how they tried to buy SOE first but it was a no-go. Then it shut down.

So EQN will likely be the only game with the tech. If EQN actually launches.


Yeah I was reading about that, but I’m not sure who has the emergent A.I. Daybreak Studios might have it, or it could have been sold off.


Yes they tried to buy SOE but were unable to reach terms…then they tried to sell the Tech and had no suitable offers so no one bought it and the team broke up. The company is now shelved and along with it the Storybricks tech is shelved as well.


Do you know who owns the rights to emergent A.I.?


@teh_ninjaneer, I really doubt that EQN will be the only game to have the tech even if the company did shut down. I mean, it’s out there now, someone else will make


Problem is the original company that made it still owns it and the rights to it and they closed and shelved the tech…so unless someone else comes along and starts it all from scratch then it is perma shelved.


So you mean to tell me that you don’t think a company that couldn’t even keep it’s doors open wouldn’t be interested in selling that tech? Because I think they would, and I think if enough time passes, they will sell it for less than they should.


I dont “mean to tell you” anything…i simply read the article when they announced that they were closing down…and it didnt have anything to do with them being able to “keep the doors open”. They tried to sell the tech and no one bit…so they decided to not take a lowball offer and rather shelve the tech…they mentioned that “a little part” of Storybricks would live on in other games but for the whole it is sitting on a shelve collecting dust.


I was just surfing the web today and came across this: thought some of you may be interested in it.