Stranded Deep: Looks promising


Picked up this little gem last night. It’s still early access and needs a lot of work. I played it for a little bit last night but it looks promising. I love the survival genre but I am getting seriously burned out on the whole zombie thing. This one entails surviving on deserted islands after a plane crash. You basically just find food and water, build shelters, build a raft and explore other islands and shipwrecks and battle sharks and what not. There is no multiplayer yet but if you are into survival and are tired of zombies check it out.


Might have to check this one out.


I have this on my wishlist. I am intrigued as someone who has played the entire Lost in Blue series. It looked to be a very cool survival type game. I’m looking forward to scooping it up one day for sure. I’m with you on the whole “zombie apocalypse” fatigue thing.

Let me know what you think as you start to really dig into it.


Really like this idea. This is something that really could happen, creating better immersion. Way better than endless forest, dark and grimy survival games. After all these cold days on the East coast it kind of puts me in a summer mood.

Plus that water is beautiful.


Speaking on zombie fatigue - I’ve noticed that Battle Royale seems to be a very popular game mode in H1Z1.

That mode is pure hardcore deathmatch with no zombies present on the map. Seems odd for a zombie survival game.

I might enjoy the chance to punch a shark. Are there mermaids? Or half-dressed women?

It’s probably like H1Z1 where only dudes survived the apocalypse.


i own it too. got boring really fast, especially since rocks are so hard to find. i got sick of building a home and then island hopping to get rocks and bring them back. it’s fun starting out though. i will keep checking in on it to see if they add stuff that may make it more fun in the long run.