Strats 3DMARK Benchmark Showoff



Inspired by @Mohomohommad’s idea:

Running Benchmarks

It’s pretty straight forward and the Demo version should work.

  1. Download 3DMark on Steam. There’s a demo available which gives you access to Fire Strike (which is what you want).

  2. Perform the Fire Strike test.

  • Fire Strike - For high-performance gaming PCs
  • Fire Strike is a showcase DirectX 11 benchmark designed for today’s high-performance gaming PCs.
  1. After the test, follow the instructions for signing up for and getting your results URL.

Posting Your Benchmarks

  • Include the link to your benchmark results (duh!)

  • Include any interesting information about your build (like whether it’s overclocked, what you did differently, how you optimized, etc.)

  • Include a photo if you’re super cool.

Discussing Results

For discussion about builds or results, please use Reply as New Topic to the right of the post you’re discussing and select the Gear category. This will keep this thread nice and clean with results and builds.

My 3dmark benchmark result
I didn't read the post before replying
Made some updates to my PC

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Ok so i did the thing and ran the test…my PC or graphics card are not over clocked. All the info about my system should be on the results page. Sorry no photo at this time…will work on that :smile:


Here’s my current 3dMark benchmark (before I started overclocking):

Picked up a Sabertooth z170 Mark 1, some new Corsair RAM, and an i7 6700k.

Here they are in the Corsair 540 Air case with my 2x 980’s in SLI:


Better than 99% of all submitted scores, still going to overclock o.O


i’ve been holding off on the i7-6700k because i swear it was $70-75 cheaper 2 months ago. I feel like there’s a huge surge in cpu prices lately, is that common for the holidays or something? it’s been a while since i tracked hardware prices.


I gotta remember to run this test when I get home ! :smiley:


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Actually, @Vocino moved that in when he brought his score comment in from the inception thread; I give up trying to figure out what he wants posted in this thread :wink:


Welp, not bad, I’m looking at adding another gfx and doing some stuffs anyways.


Here’s mine. Finally built a Windows system around Thanksgiving. Just haven’t gotten to play much with it yet. PC has ASUS default auto overclock setting, haven’t tweaked it yet and haven’t touched the graphics card at all.


See?! See? It was all a conspiracy to silence the truth! Wake up sheeple!!!


Finally did it! I had this installed on my slave drive, wonder if running on SSD would of gave me better score.


Here we go: