Strats Albion Guild Meeting (29 November)



Hello friends,

So, we have successfully made it though week 1 of beta and holy shit has it been fun! We’ve had a lot of dungeon runs and loads of big fights where we usually come out victorious!

I would like to setup a meeting for us tomorrow just to touch base on what everyone is doing and to reconfirm the severity of some things and absolute necessity of others.

Please join me and the Albion leadership tomorrow evening (Sunday, November 28th) at 7 p.m. EST for a guild meeting.

Thank you,

-Cracka08 (Valkyr)

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#Meeting Notes

##General Notes
All told, things are going pretty well.

The chests in the guild hall on StratsCo’s island can be looked in and deposited in by everyone in both guilds; however, only a few people have access to withdraw from them: @Auth, @Cracka08, @Fiddler, @Biggles7268, and @2hard. If you put something in there, know that it will go to the betterment of the guilds and not to anyone’s personal gain. If you’ve got excess material from gathering, gear you’ve outgrown or crafted to improve your skill, food, mounts, or anything else that might help the guilds, please consider donating it so we can progress quickly and efficiently.

We need T1 stone and wood desperately; @Auth would really appreciate it if everyone would please gather one stack of each and toss it in a chest in the StratsCo guild hall. If you bring 2 stacks of T1 stone, he’ll love you even more. Later this week we’ll have posted a better system for communicating the immediate needs of the guilds so folks know what they can focus on to best-assist our ongoing improvements and developing interests.

##Strats Guild
TL;DR: we’ve got too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

Too many people are trying to be completely self-sufficient by gathering resources to refine so they can craft their gear to go out and fight with; that’s not only asinine in terms of learning point costs but it’s holding back our overall progression. If you’re a crafter, you should only be making a couple of items at most; you should not be refining anything as the learning point costs are far too high to maintain moving into T4.2/5/5.2/etc. We are working to sort out who can do what and will be designating official refiners/crafters later this week; watch for a post. If you don’t get selected for something, it’s because we need you working on something else for the good of the guild and our progress into higher-tier refining/crafting/gear; our success or failure during this beta and live will depend on our ability to work together towards the common goal of being awesome. Special thanks goes to @lyteforce who is working on redesigning the spreadsheet to be more manageable/readable.

Every member of Strats needs to have at least one farm plot on their personal island growing Carrots to help keep the territory and buildings fed. What you do with the rest of your plots is your decision, but we need everyone contributing. The territory buildings are more hungry than we’d like and as we look to expand we need to make sure our supply chain is in order.

Stop running solo oxen to/from the territory! We’ve lost 4-5 ox-loads of materials, goods, and equipment to ganking groups this weekend. The area is in near-constant turmoil despite our present peace with Death; don’t risk your swag just because you didn’t want to wait for an escort. Along with this, if you see someone asking for an escort, help them out if you’re in the area. @Selwonk is working to improve this process, but it won’t be posted publicly; pay attention to the Albion channel in Discord, Mumble, or guild chat for more information.

We’re working to establish our GVG teams; get with @Cracka08 if you’re interseted.

If you’ve anything to add, questions, or feedback, feel free to drop a comment below.


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Alliance priveleges (Albion)

On Mumble or in game?

For those of us that miss it do we have a anyone that transcribes meetings in the guild or is it just a if you miss it you miss it?


All our meetings are in Mumble. There won’t be a recording most likely, but we’ll see about getting some notes posted afterwards. We’ll do our best to consider feedback given in the thread we post those notes in, but it’s unlikely any large pivots will be made until a subsequent meeting; if there’s something important to you, it’s best to present it at the meeting or drop a comment in this thread prior to the meeting so we can discuss and consider it


Awesome, I asked about the transcribing mostly so that those of us that miss can see what was talked about so we would be up to speed on any changes and hopefully make post meeting contributions.
Thanks for the response :slight_smile:


Meeting notes added to OP; let me know if I missed something :wink:


Farmed up about 20 stacks of T1 wood and 13 stacks of T1 stone. =)


You’re doin’ good things there :wink: