Strats Albion Meeting - Saturday - December 12 - 7:00pm EST/12:00am UTC



Attendance is optional, but recommended; the discussion will focus on the PVP guild (Strats) and not overly-include the PVE side of the house (StratsCo). Bullet points of discussed content will be posted here following the meeting for those not able to attend. If there’s something you’d like to voice but will be absent from the meeting, feel free to drop a comment or PM me so we can bring it up for you.

##Meeting Points:
[details to come following the meeting]


I’ll be at the wife’s work Christmas party getting my turkey on. Sorry.


Mysterious details to follow…


At friends bday party :frowning:


i’ll be around but i am going to at work while doing so. Won’t be able to use mumble if thats where the meeting will take place. As far as what I would like to voice out

Since I am majoring in Statistics and computer science (data science) I would like to make a side project over the break to have an idea of what people will be playing and at what times of the day. For example, if we know x-healer is on around a to b, and is our only healer (unlikely) then we would obviously need more healers. I am aiming to have an predicted idea (graphed) for launch. I’ll sketch up details on how to go about it later this week if it is interesting enough to the masses.