Strats Alliance Destiny



Hi all, I am Vraethx, leader of clan Forsworn and we have just joined the Strats alliance in Destiny on PS4. Thanks for the invite! Here is a link to our page on (which we don’t use much, hah) We don’t have an external website or anything, we pretty much just communicate on PSN. I am not sure if my clanmates will make accounts on here or not, but I know a number of them are interested in raids and such, so I thought I could come here to coordinate that if there are some of you all that want to team up with us. Here is a list of our current members (these are our core members, who know eachother IRL, but we will be recruiting during play):


If there is ever any trouble with any of my members or anything (which I don’t anticipate, we are pretty laid back) then don’t hesitate to let me know! Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you all in Destiny!


Welcome @Vraethx! @auth gave us a heads up that some of you guys might be showing up over here. Let me know if you need anything from us. Looking forward to seeing you in game.


Thank you for being the first to join. We hope to grow our alliance into a thriving gaming community. I look forward to playing together.