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Strats Co. The Pirate Code of Conduct and our bid for supremacy!

Like the pirates of old we will be faced with adversity. Its not easy to be a pirate and it takes some work for us to be successful. Living on the two faction islands is easy.That will turn many away from a life of piracy. So why do we want to be pirates? What do we gain?

We get costumes, some quests, small bonuses and smaller prison sentences but is it enough? I say no but its not the automatic rewards but rather the social engineering that can take place in this beautiful game that we will take advantage of.

We will be ruthless but cunning and able to identify who deserves to be broken and who deserves to be allowed to trade past our routes. We will charge them for the privilege of free trade. We are not monsters. We just employ a shotgun business model. You don’t agree with it well you end up with a mouthful of lead! So yes we will place a tax on those who will seek us out and we will work with our pirate brethren. We will own the seas and even the giant alliance zergs will learn to fear us. No one will be safe on water for we will own the skies and the depths.

Update for 8/15/2014:

Our first day in CB3 was lots of fun trying to explore the world of Archage and figuring out what is what. Props to all the people on mumble who came to hang out and talk trash about non pirate carebears!

Shout-out to @Vocino and @tommy2118 for facilitating the key giveaway! Great job guys!

I am hoping more and more will join the guild and become part of our community! Anyone can invite but the easiest way to get in is to be on mumble and ask for an invite! If for whatever reason you cannot come on make sure you whisper @majordomo @vocino @DracoIsmenium @ tommythegray for an invite!

Our current plan is to build a few ships and sail out in the unknown! I really hope you guys will make Strats your social gaming destination for the months that will precede launch and be with us for when the curtain rises!

At the end of this beta event we will have a guild meating to discuss our future plans (faction/pirate/trader) and what we hope to acheive. I will post more on this issue including the openings for officers/master craftsmen/traders/escorts and all the other professions/roles we will be needing as the days go by. If you are interested in having a specific role let me know by pm!

May the winds be with you!

Update for 8/21/2014

We did great in the beta, we managed to get some awesome people to join us and mumble has been full of activity. The Alpha guild will be up as of today 8/21 so if you need an invite hop on mumble and let me know!



Remember to be on mumble when you play! and join the guild too.



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