Strats and Crew Emblem

GTA V displays emblems both in-game and on the Social Club to show the “colors” of your Crew. The catch is that you have to use Rockstars Emblem Editor,

I know, I know, there is probably a lot of video game “techy” reasons that you just cannot upload a image you knock out in Adobe…

Anyways, I digress, getting back on point. Let’s see what you can do. This is an oppertunity to display your talents and the canvas is pretty open. I think that since the game itself is so edgy, we can stretch the limits of acceptable for our emblem.

@Vocino has this on his, ever growing, list of things to do as well. So, if you come up with an emblem, that we decide to use, before @Vocino, I’ll have something to make it worth your while.

Ready, Go!

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