Strats and Crew is Looking for Earners

It’s business…

Here is a break down of how Rockstar envisioned the hierarchy of the Crews within GTA V. I have added some local variances ( strong text) as they will apply to Strats and Crew.

  • Commissioners: The Crew’s most trusted member(s) - that essential right-hand man or woman that the Leader relies on for Vice Presidential advisement and executive action. Commissioners have the power to manage and administrate all aspects of the Crew on behalf of the Leader, including the ability to promote members internally or invite new members in. We are going to try to have one in each active timezone.

  • Lieutenants: Made members with specific privileges to keep the Crew in check and hand out promotions or demotions among sub-ordinate ranks. Organizers of group events, manager of new member recruiting efforts and promoter of member content creation.

  • Representatives: A tier of Crew members who have shown and proved their commitment to the clique - whether with ace performance in competitive modes, or just by rocking their Crew’s emblem faithfully since day one. Crew Leaders can assign these special players as Representatives who will have basic permissions to aid recruitment efforts. Active recruiters and or content creators.

  • Muscle: The rank-and-file mob of Crew members who are happy to play their position of causing some havoc Online, doing their Crew’s emblem justice and fighting for its good name. Muscle-level members may not have nor want any administrative power but they’re often the heart and soul of what makes your Crew fearsome. Ambitious Muscle who are looking to prove themselves to the Crew Leader and rise up the ranks may even prove a threat to their Crew superiors, if any are deemed to be slacking on their responsibilities or performance.

Positions are not permanent in Strats and Crew, those members that excel will rise and those that can’t cut it will fall. Like I said “it’s business”.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Lieutenant? Are you ready to get your hands dirty and put Strats and Crew on the map? Step up, the life of a Made Man (or Woman) is hard, but the rewards are endless.


This is awesome. I love the layout and the roles you’ve set up.

While it looks impressive, don’t give the guy too much credit. Those divisions are set by Rockstar. :wink:

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@teh_ninjaneer lots of stuff is out there. The point is that someone took the time to format it and put it here as well as tweak it specifically for our needs. I think this is a great job and something we need more of on the forum.

looks great @tommy2118 . i’m seriously considering picking this game up just to join in…except are you all playing on PS4 or PC? if it’s PC, then i’ll join in the fun…but my console gaming takes place on xbox. are the crews cross platform?

No, they’re platform specific and we’re playing on PS4 like cool kids. You should still join the crew at the above link just in case (plus it helps us overall).

Man all the things I’ve been hearing about the PS4 GTA and the crew that’s being set up really makes me want to pick it up but I don’t know if I can justify paying another 60 on top of the 60 I paid for the PS3 version just for the new content. >.<

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I’m sure this is a sticky subject for many. I am not in your situation so I’m not sure how much weight my argument will carry.

It seems that there are a lot of people looking at GTA V for the PS4, XB1 and soon the PC in the same manner one would judge an expansion or DLC, instead of a separate title for a different platform.

I can understand the many people bought the game for their respective legacy system (PS3, XB360) a short while ago. It would seem that it is was worth the $60 at that time.

Rockstar upped the graphics, added some content and incorporated FP perspective and is now releasing it on the next gen platforms. If it was worth $60 then I’m sure it’s worth it now.

$60 as a standalone game ill respective to any same name release on older systems.

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Bringing this back on point. Who’s my next leader? @Droul stepped up. He plans to promote the best player content we have ever seen. Who’s next?

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Thanks to @teejay1955 for stepping up! This crew is really starting to come together!


@teejay1955 is going to crush it.


Strats and Crew has got an awesome leadership team. Glad to have yous guys with me. Thanks to @Nubhugs (SKAltland, AKA: Goomah) for stepping up. Now for Business. Hey, @RockStar, let us release this game already,capisce?


@auth is killing our street cred with that avatar.


Truer words have never been spoken.

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Get on my level stereotypical thugs!

She doesn’t suspect a thing :wink:

I don’t feel a thing, pigs :wink:


I think I used that for my avatar too.

It would look good in an El Camino.

Wow, you guys are making it harder and harder to refuse purchasing this game a second time. There are only so many hours in the day and only so much money I can spend on video games!


I hear you. My schedule is a disaster usually too. My rationale for my repurchase was that the first time I played I didn’t have a crew. I watched all the cool crew stuff happen from afar (and up close when I’d get rolled by a crew in open world).

I want to participate in that this time. I think that’s where this game really shines.

(Plus the PS4 updates look really nice actually)


I mentioned to my wife that you guys were trying to get me to play.

She said she thought only 13-year-olds play that so they could be bad.

Get told.