Strats and Crew - Officers Meeting -16 Nov 2014 9:00pm EST



@teejay1955, @Droul, @Nubhugs - Sorry for not getting this posted earlier. I am pretty sure I have spoke to each on you individually about having a quick meeting. I would like to have a huddle tonight just to make sure we are on the same page as we prep for launch. Let’s get in mumble at 9pm EST.


Can do. Thank goodness for DVR :wink:


Walking dead fan. Lol


I would use the term “fan” VERY loosely. That show is like staring into the sun, I just can’t stop despite how little fun I have watching it. I feel like I only do now so I can be a popular guy that keeps up with the times.

The comics are better.

I am also VERY popular…cough


Sounds good, will be there


will be there!