Strats and Crew - Week in Review, 23 Nov 2014

As the first week of GTAV comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment and give you guys an update on the status of Strats and Crew.

###GTA Online

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised as to how much fun this game is. Every time time I have gotten on to play, I have found myself sneaking into bed at 0500 hours so my wife did not find out that I was up all night. For me this is a hallmark of a really cool game. I have acquired real estate, stolen cars and broken into a military air base and I can say that I have not even scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. The best part is that each activity I have gotten to experience with you guys in a truly multi-player world. There have been some issues with the network support, but hopefully they will be resolved here shortly.


We are getting close to 30 members! This is awesome because we really only had about 10 right before launch. A number of our members have been in the Strats community for a while now, our goal is to expand our numbers with fresh blood from outside the community as well.

Right now I think the best thing you guys can do to help is to just keep logging in and playing as a crew. An active player base is very attractive to potential crew members.


I am currently working on setting up something special for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. More info to come. If you know you are going to be around and feel like helping me out, shoot me a message.

###Promotions - Demotions

Please join me in congratulating @Biggles7268 and @holyrager . These two guys have stepped up from day one and really helped a lot of guild-mates navigate the treacherous world of GTAV. For there efforts, I have made them both “representatives” within the crew. Keep up the good work guys.

No demotions this week, however if I could demote @spectrum21 I would. He stabbed me in the stomach with a broken beer bottle and did not even have the common courtesy to call me an ambulance. :slight_smile:

Crew Car

Looks like we have adopted a mascot car, check out this link for more details.


I’m Looking forward to spending many hours with you guys in this criminal underground world…See ya in game.


Congratulations @Biggles7268 and @holyrager!

I look forward to hearing about some of the events we will be doing this holiday weekend! Nothing goes better with a turkey leg than some vehicular manslaughter.

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@tommy2118 that stabbing was an accident, plus you got me back pretty good with that gas station bombing that we were holding up.:slight_smile:


That should have been recorded :stuck_out_tongue:

It was great! @spectrum21 was the getaway driver for a gas station heist. I sat back and waited for him and his trigger man to get comfortable. Once the heist was underway, I blew up the gas pump that @spectrum21 was sitting next to. It was like the 4th of July.

Vengence is a dish best served cold. :smile:


I remember the shock in @spectrum21’s voice. He had NO idea what was going on, he was just trying to help a robbery…

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How’s that work?

“Oh! I’m sorry, Sir. This broken bottle jumped into my hand and I drove it into your midsection. Accidents do happen I suppose.” :smirk:


That vengeance was actually very hot.

Okay… so I’m gonna need to join you guys at some point this week I think. I’ve been playing a bunch of Destiny / Dragon Age, but haven’t given any time towards GTA.


You know you want to join in :wink: Do you own it NVS?

I pre-ordered it digitally, played the first mission, and then got sucked into DA. haha

Slap that name on the list brother and join in on the fun some night!

I’ve added myself to the list and I’ve also sent a request in via social club


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Rumor has it that a Christmas update is coming soon to GTA online. Snow and holiday clothes! Last year they also discounted certain cars, upgrades and weapons. There was also a rumor on heists but we can save that for another day.

II want to be Elssa.

The fact that you know that movie makes me want to run you down like you did to all those poor, honest, hard working hookers…

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