Strats anniversary


So our one year anniversary is coming up soon. We should plan something big. All hands on deck shindig.


I would be down to do something if it fits in my schedule for sure!


Yeah, it’s technically March 26th in terms of this forum being created.


We should plan something for the 27th, 28th and 29th. Something like PS2 that everyone with a PC can play would be good and the console side could set something like Destiny etc up. Maybe have some contests or something or have a streamed BBQ or something cool like that.


Dang, I have to travel that week! I’ll be in Baltimore when this is happening and my laptop isn’t exactly top notch.


I’m gonna be home at this time :frowning:


I’m still new here, but I’m down!


problem with that is 95% of pc guys are also PS4 guys…would be a hard time balancing number of people to keep an event going trying to juggle PC/PS4 but i love the idea!! I would be totally down for any event that brings us all together for good times and laughter :smile: