Strats ArcheAge Closed Beta 3 Event



ArcheAge Closed Beta 3 is upon us! Let’s take to the game and storm the shores. There are other guilds to fight and other communities to conquer.

ArcheAge’s third Closed Beta Event begins this week, starting Thursday, August 14 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) and running until the same time on Monday, August 18! Players who participated in CBE2 will not need to redownload the entire game client, only an incremental patch to Build 4.5.

Post in this thread if you need a Beta Key!

You must be trust level 1 to get a key. Don’t worry, it’s easy. If you’re just joining us, here’s what you do.

  • Register on the forum (duh)
  • Post a REAL introduction to say hello.
  • Post here to grab your ArcheAge key (you will receive a PM starting Thursday morning)
  • Jump in Mumble while you wait in agonizing anticipation!
  • Read, post, engage around the forum to bring up your trust.
  • Redeem your code and start your download of ArcheAge.
  • Be an awesome pirate with us.

We will be playing on the Salphira realm!

This is a new realm for this beta so new players will all be on a level playing field.

Special Other Stuff:

Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)
Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)

I really really want a key :smiley: thanks you so much !!


I’m up for one too, please! :open_mouth:


Been watching this game for awhile and somehow don’t have a key still.

Please hook it up!


Could really use a key, please! I love Archeages art style and its questing system, but have never had the chance to play.


my friend already has a code i’d love one too :wink:


I’d like a key, please! :smiley:


Can i have the key for archeage beta? i really want to try this awful game :smiley:


Heya, I’d love a key too if there’s any more available :smile:


Just posted my "quick introduction"
Key me!?!?!

This site seems interesting. I think I’ll actually use it.
No FFXIV category though.


Hey i would really love a key!
Thanks in advance :smiley:


I would love a beta key. This game looks really interesting and I would love to try it out.

Edit: I withdraw my interest in a beta key. One of my friends just gave me one.


The Iron Sheep here; all my friends recommended this game to me. So i figured the grande people here could give me a bit of help with a beta key. In all honesty this community seems awesome enough for me to stick around afterwords even if I don’t get a beta key :slight_smile: Cheers and good luck to all trying to get a beta key!


I’m sorry ddlambert, but I’ve just seen you put up a post on reddit about you giving away keys on Twitch:

Why are u asking for a key here?


sounds shady


had assumed since I was in cb2, that it was open to me for 3, well you know what they say about assumptions


Would Looove a Beta key, theres like no one in Mumble D:


I wish to aquire a key for this Archeage. It intrigues me ever more.


I heard you guys had some Archeage keys eh? Well I’m in.


gib me code plis. (I have some buddies playing this and wouldn’t mind making a larger group :D)